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  1. I definitely think classroom training or one-on-one is the best way to go if you can afford it. You can still use the CD's as a supplement to the in person training. As a trainer who has taught VW and is very proficient in AutoCAD, I can confidently tell you that your productivity will be enhanced greatly and the cost of training will pay for itself quickly. There is a trainer list on the Nemetschek website based on geography in addition to their in- house classes. Also if you feel like travelling to NYC you should consider my classes. I think you should really consider doing your drawings in VectorWorks for a number of reasons. 1. The file size of the imported dwg 3D objects tend to be larger and may even be broken up into more mesh or triangulated objects. 2. Using this method, your rendering may become more processor intensive and take longer than when native VW models are used on complex projects. 3. If you are going to be preparing all the other design drawings you will save a lot of time doing everything in VW especially with some of the specialized tools. As for VW industry relevance, I can say a good majority of exhibit, theatre and event planning professional in New York City area seem to use VW. Mostly because the learning curve is short and it is as intuitive as most of the other graphic programs like illustrator used in the design process. A few companies that use VW in NYC include Brooklyn Childrens Museum, Metropolitan Museum of Art and Alvin Ailley Dance Theatre Hope this helps
  2. Actually the 0 class is quite important if you switch your class naming system to conform to the AIA standards in VW. This switches None to 0, dimensions to A-Anno-dims. This makes sharing drawings and collaborating with an AutoCAD user using this system more consistent. My experience as a longtime AutoCAD user is that 0 is a catch all class that never gets turned off like none and it is okay to assign things to this class i.e when creating blocks/symbols Also if you import symbols/blocks from an AutoCAD format the 0 class often acts as the main class and controls its visibility regardless of the sub classes. I basically convert the 0 class to none if working in VW naming standard or none to 0 class if working in AIA. Never both at the same time Finally if you use the layer/class mapping converting none to 0 and vice versa can be useful when working with someone using AIA standard if you prefer the VW naming system. Caveats: There are a few bugs I have reported with switching naming standards. It seems like NNA forgot to update the AIA conversion for Door/Window PIO,library objects,Furn/Fix e.t.c in VW2008, hence even after converting to 0 class in th AIA system , the insertion of a door/window brings back the none class and ceiling main (should be A-CLGN) Also all pre classes furniture come in as Furniture main instead of A-Furn. I am hopeful that this will be fixed as this is important when you have a project that requires you work in this standard.
  3. Sounds to me like proper professional training may be required here. Sometimes trying to figure out software on your own can lead to frustration and loss of valuable billable time. As someone who still continues to keep his AutoCAD skills up to date and has tried everything including Revit, There is no way way to avoid frustration if you rely on manuals only. Sketchup is probably the most intuitive CAD related software out there and yet demand for professional training is good (Ask the guys at School ). Yes you can figure it out on your own , but you can figure it out quicker if you solicit advise from experienced users on this board,tech support or a trainer. Here are a couple of good sources of training depending on your location i.e NNA PLS training, Resolve Software, Vectortask , Archoncad and my own recently launched training V-construct in New York City.
  4. I would like to announce the launch of V-construct , a new monthly VectorWorks training seminar in New York City. The first class will be held on June 26th and 27th and there are more classes scheduled already. For more detailed information please visit the dedicated website http://www.v-construct.com Thanks Ola
  5. Hi, Does anyone know if there is key command shortcut for toggling between black and white background. I am starting to use black back ground a lot and would like to be able to quickly switch back when working in sheet layers to white. Thanks
  6. Has anyone been able to find a fix to this problem. I am still unable to use export to pdf and batch pdf. I am on G5 mac running 10.4
  7. I forgot to add that I actually scanned real actual materials for use in PS. What resolution should I be using for this purpose Thanks
  8. I was wondering if any one could give me pointers on how to create a tiled image texture based on a complex hatch pattern for use in renderworks. Also do you create the different material levels with the complex pattern as thier own floor object. I am trying to do this in photoshop, but my grout lines and textures are not crisp. Help!
  9. thanks for the tips guys. I tried the nurbs idea, work in renderworks, but the cube defaults back to single texturable object in Cinema 4D after exporting
  10. Hi I was wondering if any one has any tips on texturingg different sides of a solid i.e a cube. it seems you only have this option for wall objects. I need to be able to define color or class before exporting to C4D fr texturing. thanks
  11. Denis, I'm glad you got things to work. where can I find the scaling information you describe? Thanks
  12. Bara, Once again you save the day. trashing and re-installing worked like a charm. Thanks
  13. I'm having the same unknown format error. just upgraded to C4D 8.5 and exchange R2. Yes! I put the appropriate file in the VW folder and my workspace option works. itsreading the file in C4d that is the problem. Anyone have success yet?
  14. I am looking to purchase VW training manuals for an architecture /design student and was wondering which the best choice is: The Quick Start Guide, Jonathan Pickups (Essential VW)manuals or Res Medias Training CD's. Any feedback based on user experience will be appreciated.


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