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michael john williams

11.5 keeps crashing


Been having trouble installing Architect and Renderworks 11.5 windows version [an upgrade from VW 11.00]

Well I have managed to install the software and I think QuickTime has been installed. I could not install QT and so I deleted the installed version before installing the version that comes with VW. However, the following message came up:


This QT application cannot respond to the Quit request. It may be busy, waiting for a response from you, or it may have stopped executing.

I clicked Terminate and QT and VW completed installation but the error messages -2003 and MIME types error -20558 came up.

I have been using VW today but it keeps crashing, I do not whether this is to do with QT or some inherent problem with 11.5 as reported on the NNA web site.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Perhaps I need to install the NNA Service Pack?

However,am not clear on the following NNA instructions though:

If you are currently using a version of VectorWorks prior to 11.5.0, you must first install 11.5.0 before using this updater.

As I am still running 11.01, should I first uninstall this before installing the SP with the 11.5 installed or do I uninstall the 11.5 before installing the SP or should I uninstall both the 11.01 and the 11.5, install the SP and then install only the 11.5?

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But as usual it was not.

Installed the SP but there is no way of checking it is installed and working.

The wall to roof tool does not work - all the walls go funny in 3d, triangular in shape and clicking to bottom or tops of walls. Also I have lines going to infinity. NNA have identified these as 2 bugs.

Is anyone else having the same problems?

About time NNA got 11.5 sorted out - it cost me a lot of money to buy and even more money to run as it does not work.

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Sorry to hear of your problems.

The Wall to Roof tool - the roof has to be on another layer to the walls, it won't work when walls and roof are on the same layer. I think this is going to be amended sometime, but at the moment you have to separate them.

I have to say that when it works, it works beautifully, so it is worth persevering.

David W

Auckland, NZ

VWA 11.5.1

17"iMac, 512MB RAM

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