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Worksheet borders that just won't go away!



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Click in the upper left corner in the worksheet on the little arrow and select Format Cells.

There's a tab called Border.

Set this to none and click OK.

Now the worksheet should print correctly.

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I'm also having this problem. Even after editing the worksheet, selecting all cells, and formatting the cells with a border of "none" the lines still show up.

I also tried selecting the worksheet object on the design layer and setting the fill and stroke to none. This didn't help either.

Perhaps this has been addressed in 12.0.1? I cannot download that update due to our firewall.

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I've recently upgraded from 11.5.1 to 12.0.1, and this is indeed broken.

Worksheet Data as an object prints with greyish faint outline as a ghost object glitch. It is not printing properly with a 0.00 line weight.

On-screen appears unchanged from 11 and seems okay -- i.e., some cells take "bottom border" while others remain without border, so Format Cells seem to work okay -- that is NOT THE ISSUE.

It's some kind of printing glitch, perhaps related to how everything feels sluggish and choppy when zooming and panning.

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