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  1. In past versions, setting worksheet line attributes to none allows the worksheet border to dissapear. In 12, the outlines print despite the line value set at "none." perhaps there is a a new worksheet setting?
  2. I went through object by object until i found a roof element that was upsetting vectorworks. All systems go! Thanks for your time.
  3. Thanks Dave: The view should be fine, as it was rendering fine for weeks. It seems that i switched a setting unknowlingly, but i'm not sure where to look.
  4. I'm using Vectorworks 10.5.1. Each floor plan layer i am using renders fine individually. The layer that has multiple layer links and no 2d objects renders blank when using Renderworks. Only the background shows up. Any suggestions. It seems like i'm missing something easy... not sure what i did.
  5. I'm having problems with a file that always renders 2 times before enabling controls again. If I press escapethe operation is cancelled but doesn't help the problem. any suggestions?
  6. The Layer Options hint fixed my woes! Funny that it would be the cause even with only 1 layer on. You have just doubled my speed! Many thanks.
  7. Thanks Dave, I'll check out those possibilities. Should i remove all texture assignments by class?


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