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  1. Couldn't agree more. One item that seems a perennial disappointment with VectorWorks, unfortunately, is the lack of associative dimensioning for 3D objects. We have the Designer package, but our primary use is the Machine Design component. We've seen small incremental improvements concerning this part of VectorWorks, but it seems to lag woefully behind innovations in the other components. Each year it is becoming more and more difficult to justify upgrading when colleagues are using other CAD/CAM tools like SolidWorks. Modeling our parts in 2D is a step backwards, and having to overlay 2D objects just to get proper dimensions seems absurd. Is there any hope that 3D dimensioning will see any significant improvements in the coming years? This is especially exasperating considering how much VectorWorks users WANT VectorWorks to succeed. Count me among the many who would gladly pay for significantly improved 3D dimensioning.
  2. I am trying to use VectorWorks 12's Section Viewport (Live Section) feature for a simple mechanical drawing. For the section line I want the standard ASME format used to indicate these types of sections. That is, a line through the drawing with arrows at both ends indicating the direction of view, and the section's letter label ("item name" in the object info palette) at the end of the arrows. The trouble I run into is that VW does not position the second text label in the correct position for this type of section. I have selected the ASME section marker style, "match beginning," and the "text both ends" check box. The second label, however, is in a different position relative to the section line arrow. If I move the first text label to move it to the end of the section line arrow (so that the arrow points to the text label), the second text label also moves--but in a different direction. There doesn't seem to be a way to get a standard ASME section line marker and text using this new VectorWorks 12 feature. Has anyone been able to get this to work?
  3. I found a way to get only the grid lines specified by the Format Cells > Border. In Preferences for the worksheet, uncheck "show grid" in the Display section. I'm not sure how to specify a particular line weight for the borders, however.
  4. I'm also having this problem. Even after editing the worksheet, selecting all cells, and formatting the cells with a border of "none" the lines still show up. I also tried selecting the worksheet object on the design layer and setting the fill and stroke to none. This didn't help either. Perhaps this has been addressed in 12.0.1? I cannot download that update due to our firewall.


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