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Mac OS X / Epson printing

IWA Architects Ltd.


When our newest Apple MacG4 came we discovered it only ran system 9 within OS X.

1. We find we cannot print to two of our printers from this machine. We have found it particularly a problem for Vectorworks CAD which is the main use of the machine. We cannot even set up a drawing to A1 size in the usual way through page set up, as the page set up for the A1 Printer is not available.

2. We cannot print from Vectorworks using "Gimprint" software which was recommended

3. It was suggested we install Vectorworks in Classic (OS 9) mode to enable OS 9 Epson printer drivers to be used but the OS X operating system does not offer this option when installing Vectorworks.

All attempts to solve these problems have been unsuccessful, even with the help of Epson and Supplier support and our out of house Apple Mac support Specialist.

Has anyone any ideas on how to install Vectorworks in "Classic" mode (OS 9) on a machine that is operated by OS X ?

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I would avoid classic. Try rebooting the new machine to run in OS9 (sys prefs, startup disk) and install your old OS9 epson drivers. At least this will be familar and should work without to much tinkering. Then when you have time get OSX working. What epson printers are you having trouble with ? If epson does not have a OSX driver for it (like a old 1520) then you got to use gimpprint. Gimp works great but takes some tinkering. Things like how you connect to the printer (usb, or ethernet ) make a difference how you set up gimp. Some usb to parrallel cables work, some don't. Connect usb directly to the back of the computer, not through a hub or keyboard. These type of things matter, check out gimps web site mesage board for issues with your printer. if you don't like to do this type of stuff, get a tech guy to do it, if he can't get gimp to work then he's the wrong guy for the job.

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