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Video Texture Maps



Back in the day, I used Vectorworks/Mincad for modeling and Strata Studio 3D for rendering. Many, if not most, VW/MC users had the same workflow. It worked very well since Strata's modeling tools were unstable and nearly impossible to use, but the rendering engine was, and still is, amazing. Even back in the '90s, Strata allowed raytracing and easy animation tools with the ability to create texture maps from videos. They were placed just like static maps, but would run during a walk-through or other animation. It was great to design a museum space and have the video monitors playing or lights flashing in a walk-through animation. Now VW's high-quality rendering ability has made using Strata unnecessary--but I really miss those video texture maps. This should be added to VW's feature list. I'm sure it is possible in C4D, so it should be a fairly simple port to VW, yes? That would make one less reason given to me to use 3D StudioMax, which I have been resisting.


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I used to use Vectorworks and StrataVision before switching to C4D in 2000.  It wasn't bad, but C4D was a magnitude better.  C4D can do what you are describing and much more.  There is little to choose from when it comes to Max, Maya or CINEMA 4D.  Although each does have a niche, to most users it's not apparent.


But, parring with VW's, CINEMA 4D does have a huge advantage over Max and Maya.  You can literally use them as one program.  

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