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Creating a basic Object

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I'm quite comfortable now creating scripts with custom dialogs that execute some kind of process and distributing them as VSMs.

But as much as I read the function reference, I can't get my head around creating a basic parametric object.


Like with menu command scripts, I think once I've got a small simple example I understand, I can expand it up to useful applications.


Is there such a think as a boilerplate example, please, that can do something simple like draw an 'example' object from a tool, that has one or two parameters to adjust in the shape pane?



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@spettitt I'll attach 4 simple plug-in objects.


Two are examples I made for someone else for just exactly this reason.  Rect Point Example and Rect Rect Example.  They show two ways of making a rectangle tool. One is defined as a point object and one is defined as a rectangle object.  Obviously the rectangle object is better at making rectangles.


Then there is a fancier rectangle object.  RK Rectangle.


You should also have a 2D/3D Hybrid plug in so, I included a plug-in that gets bogged down when the object is too big.  Pat's Grate 3.


There is a circle of life when it comes to making your own plug-ins.  You start with scripts that get more and more complicated and useful.  Then when it comes time to make the jump to plug-ins, one of those who has gone before guides you through the steps and a vast universe of possibilities opens up.  You realize that plug-ins are easier to write and more efficient to use.  After several years of joyful plug-in creation you are horrified to learn that there is another plateau to climb:  Event Aware Plug-ins.  Again, a guide appears to walk you through the comically complicated steps.


Then someone who is successfully and happily writing scripts asks how to make a plug-in!  The circle goes on.

Rect Point Example.vso Rect Rect Example.vso Pats Grate 3.vso RK Rectangle.vso

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These are plug-ins written in VS in a forum about python.  😛


But I think the simple ones will translate directly.  Just add vs. to the functions and throw away the variable declarations.


Python IF statements are just slightly different, but I think you will be able to follow.


Post back if you have questions.

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