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Placing areas on a drawing

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I can place engineering properties of a polygon on a drawing but I just want to place the areas on a drawing with a large number of polygons. This is so basic I must be missing how it is done. Help please!

Ideally of course I should be able to choose any of the the engineering properties but I cannot see how to do this.

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You are better taking one of the stock VW Data Tags + adapting it rather than using the 'Create Data Tag Style...' command:

  1. Activate the Data Tag tool, click on the 'Data Tag Style' drop-down + go to Dims_Notes > User-Defined.
  2. Select the 'User-Defined Text' tag. Place a tag in the drawing then right-click on it + select 'Edit Plug-in Style'.
  3. In 'Display' tab click on 'Edit Tag Layout' button. Double-click on the text block to open the 'Define Tag Field' dialog.
  4. Select 'Calculated Field' then select 'Object Function' for the Data Source + '#AREA#' for the Function then hit 'Replace Current Definition'.


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You should submit a wish in the Wish List forum then.  


Have you looked at Engineering Properties?  Puts way more than you want, but does include area.


There are about 1,000,000 VW users.  If 1% of them had a need that they though needed to be added to the program then you would have 10,000 extra tools/menu commands you would need to scroll through to find what you need.


The customizability of VW, the fact that you can configure the Data Tag to show what you need, or to write a script or a marionette or a plug-in object to meet your specific need if one of it's greatest powers.


And in reading almost everything ever posted on the Forum (and the email list that was the predecessor), I think your is the 2nd or maybe third request I can remember looking to write the Area of an object onto the drawing. While it might be critical for your needs, it does not seem that critical to the majority of users.


Another possibility might be to use Space Objects instead of polygons. They have the ability to automatically write their Name and Area onto the drawing. But as of VW2024 they are using Data Tags to do that.

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