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Spotlight fixture "equipment subparts"

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Hi all,  I'm having a terrible time trying to unattach fixtures from a truss.     When I initially brought the fixtures into my drawing they snapped to the truss and now list that truss in each  fixture's OIP, (under "Equipment Subparts".   Currently if I try to select the fixtures and remove them from the truss they look separate but still move if I try moving the truss.    How can i unattach them?   There doesn't appear to be an option for the in the OIP.



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Thanks Scott,   I appreciate you taking a look. In the drawing I'm currently in the process of making a pipe/unistrut structure to hold some Epix strips.   As suggested I used the manage loads to disassociate the strips from the truss because if anything, I'd want them to associate with my fake unistrut i made.    


(I'm also having an issue inserting Chezboroughs into the drawing.  It seems every time I try they disappear).


I kept getting an error when trying to attach the file here so here's a dropbox link.




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