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  1. Thanks Scott, I appreciate you taking a look. In the drawing I'm currently in the process of making a pipe/unistrut structure to hold some Epix strips. As suggested I used the manage loads to disassociate the strips from the truss because if anything, I'd want them to associate with my fake unistrut i made. (I'm also having an issue inserting Chezboroughs into the drawing. It seems every time I try they disappear). I kept getting an error when trying to attach the file here so here's a dropbox link. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/xm43quuijkxyx3t9b9tlk/MONGO-SKO-2024_billmcgarvin.vwxw?rlkey=7sxbnak5vw86nqx9iy3l3lmst&dl=0
  2. Awesomes. Thanks. Is there a tutorial somewhere that details how the manage loads tool works?
  3. Hi all, I'm having a terrible time trying to unattach fixtures from a truss. When I initially brought the fixtures into my drawing they snapped to the truss and now list that truss in each fixture's OIP, (under "Equipment Subparts". Currently if I try to select the fixtures and remove them from the truss they look separate but still move if I try moving the truss. How can i unattach them? There doesn't appear to be an option for the in the OIP. Bill
  4. OMG, Josh, Your VWX is super clear. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I think it's just what I need. I imagine I could also use the LOFT SURFACE tool instead of the SWEEP tool to get a variation of curves into surface, right?
  5. Well no, but something more like this but with each bar following a slightly different curve. (Start points all being the same and end points being the same).
  6. Thanks guys, I'll try the extrude along a path then duplicate array since my drawing is just a conceptual representation and not a fabrication drawing. ....I have to wonder though, is there a way to create a wavy shape surface,(with different parts of the ribbon having different curve profiles) and have my extrusions follow that surface? (The start points and end points being in different planes).
  7. Yeah, but for the purposes of my drawing I don't really have to twist them.
  8. I have a project I'm working on and am not sure of the most the efficient way to create a series of ribs that each have a slightly different 3d curve to them, (kind of like an ornate wrought iron fence). Can anyone suggest a method? (See image).
  9. This is an old thread but are the BeMatrix panels mentioned here in the Vectorworks Library? Can't find them anywhere.
  10. Okay, Got it. That worked. Thanks. I'd have never figured that out.
  11. I must have hit a keyboard shortcut or something because I now have any isometric views being cropped. After searching around I believe it's call perspective cropping. Can someone tell me how undo this?
  12. So what would be the best way to enable 15 or 20 universes?
  13. I have Spotlight and Service Select paid annual. I currently can run 4 univereses in vision but my MA2 is sending 8 universes. Will a Vision dongle allow Vision to receive all 8 universes?
  14. Myeah, I can tweak the settings to minimize the issue but it's still happening.
  15. @markddThanks, Yes, CAST SHADOWS is checked for each light. @rDesign That thread explains it. Lit fog doesn't allow for this and the development team is aware of the issue. Thanks
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