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Rendering IPR Window

Kevin K


Ok, I realize this will be a monumental wish list item, and probably won't arrive until 4 or 5 Christmas' from now, but I suppose it never hurts to ask 🙂


So, in Cinema 4d / Redshift there exists this fabulous item called an IPR (interactive preview renderer). It has its own window viewport which is constantly refreshing the view while utilizing the higher quality rendering engines in VW, like Custom, Realistic,  and Redshift.


Basically, it allows you to see EXACTLY how, in realtime as you zoom, rotate the view, etc,  the lighting, reflections, glass transmission, etc will appear BEFORE you pull the trigger for the actual rendering!

It is just indispensable, especially for interior renderings.

No more waiting 45 minutes for a render to complete only to realize it ain't quite right and you need to wait another 45 minutes etc, etc (or more!) to procure another rendering.

For example, subtle things like the glass transmission value  in the bar fridge glass, noted in the rendering below, so you will be able to actually see the bottles of wine and the Corona and Heineken beer bottles inside the bar fridge.

Without the IPR option, it may take you another few tries (and a lot of render time!)  to get it right.


Anyway, as mentioned, just a small wish 🙂



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @Kevin K This is on the public roadmap as "in development".  This is possible because Cineware is built-in to Vectorworks, and not a separate application anymore.  We are working with Maxon to get this to you as soon as possible.


EDIT: Redshift RT is a different Maxon technology still in beta I believe.  Redshift IPR is a production-ready technology.




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