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Creating Truss hinge


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I'm trying to create a center pivot truss hinge from scratch. 


Once I select the appropriate settings in the truss properties dialog, it breaks the 3D geometry. If I insert symbol using the truss tool with these settings, nothing is visible unless I enable draw centerline in the OIP, which then just shows the red and blue handles. All objects, both 3D and 2D are gone. 

Also, how do you tell VW which parts pivot?







Editing to add: This hinge is primarily used to pivot left to right, and I'd like the default symbol to reflect that. This dialog only allows pivot up and down per the Topview and Frontview illustrations.





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@WoodCenter pivot truss hinges only pivot up and down and that is how the code is setup for safety reasons. Only book hinges can pivot left to right. In order to make your hinge pivot left to right you need to setup the symbol as shown in the diagram as a pivot up and down hinge. Then when you insert the hinge you use the roll field in the OIP to roll it 90° which will strip the 2D geometry and then redraw a properly oriented 3D version. From there you can use the settings in the OIP to pivot the hinge as you desire.


Did you assign the proper BrxHingePart record to both the left and right portions (which should be groups) of the hinge in both the 2D and 3D? Once that record is attached you can set which part of the hinge you are labeling with either left or right and 2D or 3D. This is how you get the parts to pivot. If make all the truss symbols that ship with the software so if you have more questions let me know as I know it is confusing sometimes to setup hinges.

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