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Hoist - attach record does not work

Stefan B.

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I cannot attach a record to my hoist symbol. Well, I can attach it, but.


In the resource manager, I select Attach Record, find the record, and make sure it has the "Checked" mark. It clearly shows in the Data that the record is indeed attached.

When I insert the hoist symbol, the record is gone, it is not in the OIP - Data. But if I select the inserted symbol and select "Attach Record" from the OIP the record is attached and fully working. Is this a bug or a feature?


2023-11-13 10-54-33.mkv



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The issue is that you are attaching the record to the hoist symbol, which is then buried inside the hoist object when the insertion tool inserts a hoist. This effetcively blocks access to the record attached to the symbol.
The way to deal with this is to add the record to all your inserted hoists after creation, then it will be attached the the top level object and not tot he symbol inside the object.

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Bumping this to continue a discussion that is already in progress. 



I use some links and values in a data record that are specific to hoist type. This helps me generate paperwork for a couple different purposes, and having to manually enter this data (even if doing it in bulk for each hoist type) after dropping a hoist in each new drawing defeats the purpose of streamlining the operation by pre-filling fields. Is there a way around this?


A light fixture will have different values for wattage, DMX channels etc per fixture, just like a hoist symbol will have different body weight, chain weight, chain length, etc. How do I piggy back onto this functionality for other values, without defaulting to the 'notes' field that so many people use for other jobs? 


I wouldn't need to edit this on a per drawing basis, as this data is directly related to the hoist itself.





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You should be able to use the data manager to do this but its a feature that I'm not really up to speed on myself currently. I'll make some inquiries with my coleagues and see if I can find out more info for you. This may take some time due to my current travel schedule though

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
On 1/23/2024 at 12:04 PM, Wood said:

How do I piggy back onto this functionality for other values, without defaulting to the 'notes' field

Have you played with the new 2024 EntQuipUniversal record now attached to each spotlight object upon insertion? You can add your fields to this record for your drawings and add the record to your template files. Whenever you insert spotlight items, the item first checks for the record in the local file. If it's there, it gets used and includes any/all extra fields you've added. Once you have it, you can use the Data Manager to map when you need it, and you can make your reports reference the record. Bonus, data tags can also look at this record.

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