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How to create reference line in a model?

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Sorry to be 3 years late, but I recently upgraded from v2020 to v2023.


My setup used to be a "model" layer in unified view looking at all 3D layers. On this model layer, I would keep a horizontal line on "screen" plane (as opposed to "layer" plane). The purpose was to use the line as datum reference to finished floor on the main floor. It was visible in any orthogonal side view (side elevation views). This allowed me to offset-duplicate it for Z reference when modeling different elements.


Now it's all gone. There's only "3D" plane if not "layer" plane, and the line in either 3D or "layer" is not useful.


Any help?

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21 hours ago, Benson Shaw said:

The screen plane concept is phased out, but available as Legacy 2d feature in Document Prefs.


Thank you for the suggestion. I'm now trying it out.


Now for the feature phased out, how do you quickly find the reference datum Z in a model? Here's what I see. In this project, there's a change in floor height — a step up where some door thresholds are higher than others. Previously, I snap to the 2D line extended far to one side.


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