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  1. I want to show roof faces in wireframe or transparent next to my subject building in OpenGL rendering. Is there a way to avoid the "rib lines?" See red arrows in illustration.
  2. Perfect! Thank you! It's a good exercise to learn the tool.
  3. Definitely no doors or windows needed in such an object. I think it comes down to that "curved wall" section of how to get the top corners at either wavy end to meet the straight walls . Also need to work within my Vectorworks Architect toolset, as a search for solution turns up something about "roadway tool" which I don't have.
  4. Thanks. I’ll try it when I get back to my workstation. However, notice that the walls themselves are comprised of at least one curved wall (radius in planview). So while the subtraction method may still work on curved walls, the challenge then becomes the creation of that subtractive object. It seems to be the same problem, only in subtractive inverse. Might as well just keep the positive object flipped upside down and don’t even bother using a wall object. But how to make that “horizontally held trowel” sweep in a compound wavy motion across a curved object (curved in planview)? I might be making this more difficult than it should be.
  5. What's the best way (type of object) to model a curved wall that has a wavy top like this? Just keep adding sharp-cornered 3D Wall Peak vertices to wall objects?
  6. Attached is the file. Thanks for taking a look. Untitled 1.vwx
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe it's right under my nose, but I can't find the setting. I'm on version 2020. Is that a v2021 feature? Hopefully it's not a v2020 bug in latest MacOS 11.3 and hardware M1 Mac. The odd thing is that it's only affecting Round (radius) walls, not straight walls.
  8. This might be an easy one. I just can't remember the solution now in my old age. Or maybe a new problem with new hardware new OS. How do you get the jamb lines to appear in window objects inserted in a Round wall?
  9. But does it install in an M1 Mac running Big Sur (MacOS 11.3)? I believe that's the point of the chart posted by Pat and of the replies in this discussion — that it's not possible even if you find or have the VW 2017 installer file? Please confirm either way since you have the VW 2017 installer files.
  10. This is really good info. Thank you. However, I have to report that VW 2017 was in fact running somewhat OK in Big Sur 11.3 and M1 Mac mini (Apple silicon) just a few days ago! My installation was migrated perpetually from an original installation in an old machine. It only had problems with 3D views not working and some other issues. I had been tapping into VW 2017 mostly for export to earlier file versions of VW for colleagues and clients who are still hanging on. Now with only VW 2020 in a fresh re-install (works fine + the usual old little bugs), I thought of searching for installer files of older Vectorworks. No can do, I see.
  11. Yes! I had to convert MP3 to raw but the single system alert sound is good enough. Changing it back in System Prefs is super simple too. Thanks again!
  12. Thank you, Pat! The SysBeep; is quite the direct solution I was seeking. Now if only I can sneak under the hood and replace that little beep with another sound... probably not. I wouldn't mind temporarily changing my entire Mac beeping (or buzzing instead of beeping) if I can change it back after my presentation. I've now installed FastScripts. Applescripts are new territory for me. Not really sure where to start to tie it into a Vectorworks Saved View.
  13. I'm trying to insert or invoke sound when changing layer visibility in Vectorworks. The reason for this is that I'm displaying my screen in an online presentation using Vectorworks because no other software/ application/ platform has the necessary features to do it quickly. Ideally, I'm hoping for a user-selectable sound when manually turning on/off layer visibility in the Navigation palette. The Mac has built-in Sound Effects such as Basso, Boing, Blow, Bottle, Frog, Funk, Glass, Ping, Tink, etc. But calling a system sound is probably impossible. Or is it? Alternative approach I'm thinking is a script that calls up and plays an MP3 file. I would embed such a script in a Saved View to trigger various layer visiblities. But FindFile and GetFile scripts seem to explain that the files can only be VWX or text files, not any audio file such as MP3, WAV, or AIFF. Then I cannot find any script that plays such an audio file, even if it's as rudimentary as pausing everything else in Vectorworks to pop-up and play. Probably not possible — or is there an expert here? Of the above is not possible, what other ways are there to trigger a customized sound when navigating views in Vectorworks?
  14. Thank you Raymond! Works great! I was clueless on the name of the procedure. Was searching for "unified view" something. Glad to know it's "stack layers."
  15. What's the VS that I can add in a saved view to toggle on/off unified view?
  16. In revisiting my workflow and how it can be improved with the latest version of Vectorworks: What's the best way to produce 2D linework exterior elevations from a 3D model such that those 2D drawings can be exported to colleagues /consultants /clients using legacy software? Same drawing file, raw or exported, must be usable by similar people using legacy Vectorworks. Thank you in advance.
  17. Just upgraded to VW2019 from VW2017 Architect. From my layer-linked model, I've always selected all, then Convert to Lines, Hidden Line Rendering, to produce Elevation drawings linework. I do so for each side of the building. But now it's NOT working in VW2019. Only Wireframe Rendering possible. No good. Help.
  18. That's unfortunate. And especially sad that, and I quote, "because critical bugs were introduced in the release of macOS Mojave that will affect the performance and stability of Vectorworks."
  19. I've recently upgraded hardware. Got the fastest Mac mini (2018 model) with SSD storage. It came with macOS 10.14, and I've been keeping the OS up-to-date (currently 10.14.3). Problem is, in Vectorworks 2017, there's a noticeable response lag when typing in or editing a simple text block. In fact, it's quite disrupting. Can't get much done. It's not snappy at all, not like in my older slower Mac. Probably a good half second to two seconds for anything like inserting text, double-clicking to highlight text, tapping enter after writing the text — even drag-moving a text block, which is weird. Might be a clue. But a clue to what? Everything else seems okay. Walls edit okay, dimensions okay, modeling okay. What could be the cause of this problem?
  20. I'm trying to understand the benefit of "True Colors" when exporting to DWG. What exactly is it? I'm using VW 2017 and don't have Autocad. I'm posting here rather than asking such seemingly annoying questions to my colleagues and clients who use Autocad. Specifically, it seems, when I import back the exported DWG (version 2004 or later), that "True Colors" is available without mapping line weights to colors and yet layer colors are also properly exported. Does the exported DWG file keep color assignments for layers separate from and in addition to objects line weights? Not sure if it's just my Vectorworks interpreting the line weights back to my color preferences because I run a script to set line weights to various colors, and I see those same colors in the imported drawing. In other words, what do Autocad users see when they import my drawing — do they get the layer colors from my settings? Do they also somehow get object colors separately, like when changing settings to turn off Layer Colors?
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