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Operations on files triggering "Turn off unified views" in doc preferences - bug?

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Hello everyone,

At the office we've been and we are - both VW2023 and VW2024 - experiencing on several files an unexpected behaviour from VW. Apparently, performing certain operations on "heavy" files (from our experience mainly with 3d geometry) triggers the "Turn off unified views" preference in the backgrpund (under "document preferences - Legacy 2d features"), but leaving the "Enable legacy 2d feature" unflagged.
As a result, a document preference is changed by the software (not by the user), activating legacy features in the background, and has to be manually changed every time by users (again and again...).
This also seems related to one more unexpected behaviour: after deleting a design layer, a random sheet layer is activated (see attached video).

Is there anyone else experiencing the same issue, which seems to be a bug?
We've been able to reproduce this both in VW2023 and VW2024.

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You should send this into your local support so they can have a look and report if necessary. I have seen this when an older file has been converted that has some screen plane objects which are inside and part of a symbol's definition. It seems that the Doc Prefs don't detect this and do not turn on Legacy 2D but it can behave as if it is. 




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