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Has hatches been improved in 9.5?. Last night I came face to face with the problem of scaling the VW earth hatch, what a hassle, never got it right, why is it so @@#-%^&* big in the first place. Just how does one adjust the $$#-##@! slider things anyway? At this point I've come to avoid all hatches as a matter of course--not good. frown.gif" border="0

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Well, I'm not entirely sure. We have 14 mac, G-3 and G-4 some in OS 8.6, some in 9 and some in X

We use the Macplot network pack to plot to a HP Design Jet 600 using a HP JetDirect EX print server over an ethernet network. Everyone seems to be plotting with no trouble.

3 of us are running X and have 2 installations of VW on our machines. One set to run in classic and one set to work in X. If we have to plot we have to quit the X version and launch VW in Classic to access the Mac plot drivers in the Classic environment. Kind of a bummer but this isn't VW problem, its Macplot, Apple and HP. It would be wonderful if HP had better support for the Mac OS in general.

We had been using PowerPlot, It would not print using the HP-GL2 language out of VW 9. we were informed by VW that since PowerPlot was no longer being supported they did not test with it and were not planning on testing it. At that point we found it necessary to move to MacPlot.

Hope this helps.

P.S.I've found VW in OS X to be very stable and OS X in general is a joy to work with.

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Fred, I plot from a G4 running OS 9.1 and VW 9.5.0 (a FREE upgrade for all registered 9xx owners) to an HP DJ 230 (very similar machine to yours, I think) using MACPLOT RASTER DRIVER, via ethernet network & print server. Originally upon going to VW 9.5.0 I could not plot (sheets came out entirely black!). I was forced to quit 9.5.0 and open the file in 9.0.1 which then plotted fine, but it was a pain. So I was advised (by NNA) to update to CaronLib 1.5 (a Mac system resource available from apple for free) and that fixed everything. Then yesterday MacPlot sent me a small update (a "pdat" file) w/ installer for their driver. I was a little hesitant at first (cause if it aint broke...) but after a quick reconfigure everything is still fine. And by the way, I really like VW 9.5.0 (I hated 9.0.1-slow,etc). I hope this was helpful. PLC

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