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Where'd my Slab go?



Extrude made many weeks ago  yay. done.


But Wait: the extrude has failed.

Please see the attached VWX showing the current invisible 3d Extrude and the older visible extrude.

How does this happen? I didn't punch a hole in the extrude and the history shows a perfectly normal polygon, filled.

It took quite a while to track down that the floor extrude was actually there, it just lost it's corporeality.


Where'd my slab go.vwx

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19 minutes ago, jeff prince said:

Did you make it in 2023?

I thought I saw Vectorworks had added support for the multiverse in one of those marketing videos 😉

Yes. I did make it in '23. If you'd like to know why I am putting my energy and hopes into '23 its' because of the unlimited light sources available in Shaded Render: I can easily have 50+ lighting fixtures  shooting thru haze / fog and quickly derive a perfectly communicable document…uh. That is till it randomly fails for no apparent reason. Here's a screenshot from another post this morning, describing the work stoppage incident last night, continuing today:


All three views are built with exactly the same render mode and background. Oh. but wait! here's how it appears onscreen:


I have a previz session this afternoon. Gonna be tough to pay for the hourly session but have nothing for the 'Vizzer to do.

So I'm down to screen shots (I hope).

And no.

Restart VWX did not help/fix or ameliorate this issue.


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17 minutes ago, mjm said:

If you'd like to know why I am putting my energy and hopes into '23 its' because of the unlimited light sources available in Shaded Render

That is an extremely good feature upgrade.  I remember when I started out and would get past 8 lights and wonder, like your slab, where did they go?

I think 2022 was beta for the M series, and 2023 might be prime time.

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23 minutes ago, jeff prince said:

I just opened your file, entered the editor of the extrude, and noted your poly line was not closed somehow.

Changing it to closed results in restoration of your slab.


There is a small gap/missalignment in the perimeter of your stage

Where'd my slab go-solved.vwx 96.79 kB · 0 downloads

@jeff prince: thanks for that man, but here's the thing: The extrude which you found was unconnected was connected the day before. There's no reason (I am aware of) for that poly underlaying that extrude to have become unconnected. The extrude showing as connected is the same extrude from a backup file.

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