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Multiple Space Labels - how do I use them?

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I have created several space labels that I had hoped to use for various plan types - Life Safety w/ Occupant loads, General Floor Plans and Finishes Plan.


I can't figure out how to actually insert them into the drawing... When I drop a label into t a space, it uses it "smartness".  Do I have to copy the spaces onto another layer to get it to work?  I assume since the layers have a class setting, that when annotating the layers are adjusted accordingly.


Is there a video that explains to accomplish this?




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Check out https://university.vectorworks.net


Click on Courses and then do a search for space and a search for data tag.


It looks like there are more options for space lables than there used to be :-).


But I find data tags MUCH more flexible.  I find them easier to format graphically. One huge advantage of data tags is that they can be inserted in the annotation space of a viewport.  That can be easier than having them clutter up the design layer.  Especially if you have more than one style of room data tag.


I'll attach an example of data tags used in a design layer and in the annotation of a viewport.  Any data you want from the space object can be displayed in the data tag, not just the information I put in this example.


Space Data Tag Example.vwx

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Thank you. I was trying to use the Spaces Labels.  I was doing such a silly thing...  When I inserted into the space, I would simply click and a large triangle would appear.  I was failing to acturally "catch" the space...


Thanks for your advice about using data tags instead of Space Labels...  I like them much better for everyday use.

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