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Change multiple viewport rendering styles with 1 Click

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Hi All

I have a house project file with 49 Sheets. There are 119 viewports in the project, some wireframe, some shaded, some hidden line, some section viewports.

I wish to export the project to PDF for the building consent/permit as black and white, with a subset of the 49 sheets.

I wish to export a full set for the builder, in colour. 


I have modelled the entire project, down to nuts and bolts, in 3d, and I'm using the viewports to produce detail drawings at 1 to 5, elevations at 1 to 50 etc.

I have placed the viewports onto classes describing their Background Rendering setting. eg "Viewports-building consent hidden line"


I have used the Tools|Custom Modification tool to create a script to select viewports of the same Background Render. Then I manually adjust the render settings.

EditProperties(((T=VIEWPORT) & (C='Viewports-building consent wireframe')));


I've looked at the Vectorscript Function Reference but cannot find any function to "deselect 'use textures shaded render'".  Is it possible to edit the background render settings using VS?

Thanks in advance. Apologies for the I have I have I wish I wish.......




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Thanks Julian for answering. I can't do them all in one hit for a couple of reasons;


1. A section viewport and a 'normal viewport', if both are selected, and the background render mode is set to shaded, the background render settings are not available.

2. I have 11 hidden line viewports, 11 section viewports, 19 shaded VPs, 7 wireframes. For the full colour set, all except the wireframe can use the same settings so that is easy enough. But for the black and white set, the hidden line viewports I need to set differently from the shaded VP's, then there're 2 types of shaded viewport (section VP and normal VP). 


If there was a VS function to select the individual background render settings for each VP, then I'd be able to write a 1-click solution to my scenario.



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On 8/16/2022 at 7:36 PM, Julian_Carr said:

EditOpenGLPrefs() will allow you to set it for the document. But can't you just use Custom Modification command to edit all the viewport > background render settings in one hit?

Mat Caird


Did you ever end up with a solution - I stumbled into a CUSTOM MODIFICATION to alter all the Viewport Render settings at once ... It is simple, but it is NOT immediately obvious.  Would love a worksheet where I am able to look at and review / change the Rendering settings and update the drawing vs 


When you have time - Thanks



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I did as you did, the custom modification tool.

I needed one colourful set of drawings for the builder, and one black and white set for the building consent authority.

The difficulty I had with the CM tool was that my viewports used different background render modes.

So I created classes for the various render modes, assigned the appropriate viewport to that class. 

To keep track of the complexity, I made a quick table in Pages;


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