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Found 8 results

  1. LED Screen tool is currently completely unusable for me. Whenever I insert an LED Screen object, I get very strange behavior in 3D views. Objects disappear or appear incorrectly. Which objects appear at all, and how they appear changes depending on zoom and viewing angle in flyover. Bug carries over into viewports. Additionally, ONLY after inserting an LED Screen, every time I enter flyover WITHOUT an object selected I get a blank canvas with yellow highlighted rulers. Attached are screenshots of a basic event layout in isometric view before inserting the LED screen, after inserting it, showing the screen selected but invisible, hollow stage(?) missing doors, 3D text showing through wall... just a mess. And a viewport of the same that's even more fun. For now I will use projection screen objects to fake it, but this is extremely frustrating. I was away from VW for most of the pandemic because, well, not a lot of live events to draw. This issue is new for me since updating VW and returning to this side of the work a month or two ago, but is consistent. The first time it occurred, I thought I just had a corrupted file, tried copy-paste into a new doc, no luck. Re-drew the whole event, same issue. I'm on a brand new installation as I've moved to a network server license, and it has persisted exactly the same way. Any help appreciated. Am I alone in this? Housing First 2021 Mystic v2.vwx
  2. Hi, I have an issue with the universe label customisation. I have changed the universe labels in spotlight preferences for system A (generic desk). These are now set to letters (it's just how the crew chief does it at this venue). Despite the fact no changes have been made to the system B labels (moving light desk) all the lighting device-universe address have picked up the universe label for system A. As shown in the third jpg the hightlighted fixture is on system B, universe 5. The rig was addressed prior to the editing of the universe labels. Anybody got any ideas why this has happened please, and what type of input this label will take. Thank you. (I had previously tried to set the labels to reflect artnet sub/universe numbers to aid the rigging crew. However it seemed rather fussy and confusing as to what data you could input, eg text acceptable, 0.1 acceptable 1.0 not acceptable.)
  3. All my Spotlight lighting fixtures seem to go straight through solid objects. Cast shadows is ticked. Makes no difference whether fog or soft shadows is enabled Renderworks lights dont do this. Any clues?
  4. Hello, Having some trouble with speed, crashing and freezing of Vectorworks. While doing some heavy workload quite ok, simple 2D stuff stops it all completely. I thought I start with full information: Computer specs: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit latest updates AMD Ryzen 7 3700X @ 4,05GHz 64GB RAM AMD Radeon RX 580 During making the video and all the other crashes just today(53min), my system has peaked at 25% load, GPU has peaked at 100% but not likely to be VW. VWX file: 4MB size reference file venue (6MB) 80 or so objects of I select all, but 1230 chairs in total over two Seating objects. Nothing more, other than dimensions and rectangles. Vectorworks Spotlight 2021 with SP3 Build 587753 If I draw a single line, rectangle circle or whatever(as I do much for draw guides), the software freezes for a really long time when the command is finished. Se attached video. I'm only a few months old in VW so if I'm doing stuff completely wrong please let me know, but this errors it making me reevaluate my selection of drawing software. I also made a video showing the loads in my computer while orbiting around in the same file. video and files attached. 2021-03-24 07-51-24.mkv H3-Arena(SB).vwx Fagottkoret21.vwx 2021-03-24 08-53-37.mkv
  5. Hello, I'm working on a project and I'm about done with it, except when saving some views, half of my battens disappeared from top/plan view. I double/triple checked classes and layers to make sure they're not hidden, but they're just missing. When switching to 3d view, you can see the batten, but disappear again when you switch to 2d. I resolved my missing midstage batten by "edit 2D components" and then exiting, but my "FOH 2" battens aren't coming back the same way. Just a weird bug that I'm not too happy running into. Anyone have a clue what's going on or able to help me make them appear again? Thank you, Matvey Vectorworks 2021, SP2.1. Window 10 (1909) intel i7 2.80GHz, 16g ram, Nvidia GTX 1060 Perinton Preliminary - Copy.vwx
  6. Hi all! Since 2019 I mentioned that there is option to make a few different 2D symbols inside 1 hybrid lighting devise symbol in "Edit 2D components" menu. But I couldn't find any chance to switch between them inside document. For example: I have 2 different rig types for 1 lighting device 1 - is vertical 2 - is horisontal Now I have to duplicate my lighting device, change its name and 2D Symbol. And in that case it works: But I hope I miss something and there is option to switch between 2D Components in one Hybrid symbol without duplicating? Any help highly appreciated.
  7. Hi all, in Vectorworks 2021 it's possible to use real Symbols in the Speaker Array Tool. So far so good, I'm really happy about this feature. One thing amazes me. It seems that the Symbols disappear in the worksheets if you set angles inside the Speaker Array, which we'll always have. In the attached Picture you can see the Problem. Array 1 is without angles. Array 2 with a Bumper Angle Array 3 with Bump/ Sub at 0° and Speaker at -4° Worksheet Count in the first Situation is good. Does somebody has any idea what I have to change or is this a bug? Thank you in advance
  8. When you spot lighting fixture on the focus point lighting acc(clamp for example) moves with the head of lighting fixture. Also when you add lighting acc(clamp) to the 3D model of the lighting fixture, it doesn't appears in the model even after refresh.
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