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  1. Hey, I'm trying to make whatever that can display the specific Y position of that whatever based on hoist origin. It could be a data tag, a symbol it does not really matter. I would like it to update its position if I move the object or origin. I made one using a data tag that uses insertion point Y, and I can not figure out how to get it to base its position from the hoist origin. The general function is to give other elements other than hoists its position in the drawing. Stage edges, trusses, etc... Is this possible?
  2. A VW employee reached out and is assisting me tomorrow. As of right now, VW does nothing but crash after a fresh install of windows.
  3. Hello, Having some trouble with speed, crashing and freezing of Vectorworks. While doing some heavy workload quite ok, simple 2D stuff stops it all completely. I thought I start with full information: Computer specs: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit latest updates AMD Ryzen 7 3700X @ 4,05GHz 64GB RAM AMD Radeon RX 580 During making the video and all the other crashes just today(53min), my system has peaked at 25% load, GPU has peaked at 100% but not likely to be VW. VWX file: 4MB size reference file venue (6MB) 80 or so objects of I select all, but 1230 chairs in total over two Seating objects. Nothing more, other than dimensions and rectangles. Vectorworks Spotlight 2021 with SP3 Build 587753 If I draw a single line, rectangle circle or whatever(as I do much for draw guides), the software freezes for a really long time when the command is finished. Se attached video. I'm only a few months old in VW so if I'm doing stuff completely wrong please let me know, but this errors it making me reevaluate my selection of drawing software. I also made a video showing the loads in my computer while orbiting around in the same file. video and files attached. 2021-03-24 07-51-24.mkv H3-Arena(SB).vwx Fagottkoret21.vwx 2021-03-24 08-53-37.mkv
  4. Hello, I'm coming from AutoCAD and is brand new to Vectorworks. As I learn i really miss the function to just type the command you need to be done. In Vectorworks you need to click and look trough menus to find functions and options. As new, I know what I want to do, and I know what the functions is called. At least I know different variations of typical names of that function. Also, when you search online to find out how to do stuff, menus and buttons are different for each type of Vectorworks and each "model". Even though the function and command is the same. Making it even harder to find out how to do the things you need to get done. I don't say do it like Autocad, but it would be nice to be able to have a search system for functions and menus, so you don't have to click and manually look for all the things you want to do.
  5. Hi, I'm brand new to Vectorworks and finding my way quite ok. I'm coming from AutoCAD where I was very comfortable. Now, when I draw objects like doors, windows, etc they keeps getting placed in classes where I do not want them. I have searched the web and forums, to find how to turn off "Auto Classing" in the menu system. But the menu item is not there. Two ways of finding the Auto naming command where i should find the auto classing selection I have looked for. File>Document Settings Tools>Utilities I would really like to turn this of to put all symbols and objects in my selected class. Any tips on how to solve this? I use VW Spotlight 2021 latest update.
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