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  1. The problem is solved! I remember agreeing to accept a default instrument texture at some stage during this session; that must have been the cause. @markdd Do you think I could now change the reflectivity of the blue glass element to a glow texture - save myself some time drawing 50 little ovals? Maybe change colour to object attribute?
  2. @markdd theres a ZFile nested textures in that document with 2 textures: default instrument texture and blue glass; both have cast shadows checked.... now unchecking.
  3. Good thinking; I've enabled receive shadows; but now fixtures dont work at all
  4. As I said; I have done so; have tried many fixtures, restarted, etc Never had this problem before; since 2011...
  5. All my Spotlight lighting fixtures seem to go straight through solid objects. Cast shadows is ticked. Makes no difference whether fog or soft shadows is enabled Renderworks lights dont do this. Any clues?
  6. Hi I'm still fighting with this one as well: very frustrating to see a beautiful render collapse at the last minute
  7. Belay that last post: found the culprit lurking on level 4!
  8. I'm struggling with a similar issue: A fat green stripe has appeared on all my viewports and I can't get rid of it! Seems to be some kind of failed section viewport perhaps? Any thoughts on dealing with this would be appreciated.
  9. I have some success 3d printing with STL files; but I've struck a problem trying to reduce an object from a working scale of 500:1 to a print scale - VW just throws polygons out the minute I scale it down. My workflow as follows - build an object out of solid additions; along the way i convert a copy to nurbs to make sure i still have all my surfaces intact - when I strike a problem i separate out the additions and develop them separately. has worked fine but now I'm scaling whole buildings down i have a real mess on my hands. Generic solids and meshes - all give me the same problem . Any suggestions for a work around?
  10. Good advice thanks Jim - today it's working - still a bit prickly tho.
  11. I have a problem - snap to intersection no longer works on Yosemite. I used to easily snap a 3d locus to the intersection of two nurbs curves. Tried it with two simple boxes - same problem. Not getting that bright 3d cursor anymore...
  12. Thanks - RhinoCam just needed mesh and projected building footprints - was all easy once I got down to it. Convert to group was useful thanks
  13. Has anyone developed a technique for developing a site model into an object that can then convert to STL for CNC cutting?
  14. and in 2014 with VW/RW I am still having the same difficulty with the site model and arranging textures: sometimes the function is there and sometimes not - I spend hours trying to align textures - sometimes rebuilding the site model seems the only option to get the texture I want
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