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  1. Hi I'm still fighting with this one as well: very frustrating to see a beautiful render collapse at the last minute
  2. Belay that last post: found the culprit lurking on level 4!
  3. I'm struggling with a similar issue: A fat green stripe has appeared on all my viewports and I can't get rid of it! Seems to be some kind of failed section viewport perhaps? Any thoughts on dealing with this would be appreciated.
  4. I have some success 3d printing with STL files; but I've struck a problem trying to reduce an object from a working scale of 500:1 to a print scale - VW just throws polygons out the minute I scale it down. My workflow as follows - build an object out of solid additions; along the way i convert a copy to nurbs to make sure i still have all my surfaces intact - when I strike a problem i separate out the additions and develop them separately. has worked fine but now I'm scaling whole buildings down i have a real mess on my hands. Generic solids and meshes - all give me the same problem . Any suggestions for a work around?
  5. Good advice thanks Jim - today it's working - still a bit prickly tho.
  6. I have a problem - snap to intersection no longer works on Yosemite. I used to easily snap a 3d locus to the intersection of two nurbs curves. Tried it with two simple boxes - same problem. Not getting that bright 3d cursor anymore...
  7. Thanks - RhinoCam just needed mesh and projected building footprints - was all easy once I got down to it. Convert to group was useful thanks
  8. Has anyone developed a technique for developing a site model into an object that can then convert to STL for CNC cutting?
  9. and in 2014 with VW/RW I am still having the same difficulty with the site model and arranging textures: sometimes the function is there and sometimes not - I spend hours trying to align textures - sometimes rebuilding the site model seems the only option to get the texture I want
  10. "Mapping tool can control image resource, but if you have texture that is not an image base, you have to edit that resource." I dont understand you. I do understand that I can use the mapping tool to control textures on many things: but not on a site model. Instead I have to use the render tab in the object attributes menu.
  11. It seems you say I have to use the texture I've created somewhere else before I can use it on the DTM? I tried that but it made no difference. I have a "site model" I made it with the site model tool. I gave it a texture, (using the resource browser): but I cannot manipulate that texture (with the attribute mapping tool) Maybe I have to drape the site model and texture the drape? Or is there a better way?
  12. I'm trying to arrange a photograph of my site as a texture on the site model. I can drag the texture thereon; but have no mapping control of it afterwards. Any suggestions?
  13. Nice - I didnt realise you could "convert" the output of a viewport. Flexible! For anyone interested: unchecking "Display objects beyond section plane" is the trick - leaving me straightaway with a Polygon whose base (and sides, if my sitemodel is rectangular) will register with all the others in my physical model. And cutting x200 section viewports is less work than re-building shapes with a nurbs profile on top edge. Select all and "no fill" Now I can apply this idea to a building facade In hindsight, perhaps my wishlist request might have been a 3d modelling one "use a mesh to section a solid . . ." Thanks Peter
  14. Q2 I feel sooo foolish for not thinking of this myself. Blindingly obvious -thanks Peter Q1 is a little bit harder. Viewport creates a virtual slice. I want a series of physical (vertical) slices I can then take to the laser-cutter. . .So I've ungrouped my sitemodel and extracted the nice triangulated mesh, and I've invoked "create contour" over it in plan view; which has given me a great series of single nurbs curves. Now I have to create individual polygons (x200!) each with a curved top. Is there a simpler way? i cant seem to use the mesh as a sectioning tool on another solid before creating contours.


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