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  1. Hi, I have an issue with the universe label customisation. I have changed the universe labels in spotlight preferences for system A (generic desk). These are now set to letters (it's just how the crew chief does it at this venue). Despite the fact no changes have been made to the system B labels (moving light desk) all the lighting device-universe address have picked up the universe label for system A. As shown in the third jpg the hightlighted fixture is on system B, universe 5. The rig was addressed prior to the editing of the universe labels. Anybody got any ideas why this has happened please, and what type of input this label will take. Thank you. (I had previously tried to set the labels to reflect artnet sub/universe numbers to aid the rigging crew. However it seemed rather fussy and confusing as to what data you could input, eg text acceptable, 0.1 acceptable 1.0 not acceptable.)
  2. Thank you so very much for that clear answer. Success.
  3. I am struggling to understand the Spotlight > Preview Features > Manage Cable Parts function, and more specifically the “sets” available. For some reason the cable parts this accesses depends upon the file I have open. So creating a new blank file; a new file with metric.sta template; or a new file with Spotlight (UK metric).sta all show the old cable sets of “Indoor cable” & “Outdoor cable”. The only way I get access to the more up to date and useful metric and imperial sets is to open one of the .vwx files in C:\Program Files\Vectorworks 2021\Libraries\Defaults\Cable Tools. It is as if vectorworks cannot see the Default folder. Is this the way I should expect to access the metric cable set ? Is there a difference in how this works on windows and macs ? To work around this going forward I can accept I could make a .sta template file built up from one of the Defaults\Cable Tool .vwx, but can see unwanted workarounds if I want to try the new cable tools on existing drawings. Whilst I’m here that’s another vote for user created sets to speed up workflows with different lighting companies. Cheers
  4. So if I'm understanding that correctly, for a lighting device for which I cannot see the modes I use (eg ETC source 4 series 2 lustr, a range of modes with a plus 7 option) the following workflows are my options. I have to either: make my own symbol for each mode; or set the fixture mode to "none" and manually adjust the dmx footprint. Is that the case ? Is there then a straightforward way to elegantly get the fixture mode into paperwork, alongside other heads with modes in the VW database ? I guess a big issue will then be using the head in vision (but that last part is less of an immediate problem for me).
  5. "Wire Gauge" parameter has been set to "#12"" Yep this has just been driving me crazy for the last hour or so; as I've not used cable tools on VW before. I guess it has a major knock on to all paperwork that gets generated. Pretty much echo the requests suggested above, but most expediently: manually entered cable csa; and the existing VW current carrying capacity limits.
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