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Found 8 results

  1. Hi everyone, I am a Landscape Architecture student and don't have access to the vectorworks software. Is there anyone who can do a quick conversion for me of a vwx file to a dwg or even 3dm? I am working on Rhino. Thanks so much in advance, Annie Parker
  2. Hello Vectors, Is there a way to export the fill colour into a dwg export? As far as I know, if you set the line colour it will be exported as the fill colour. In this case I want to have it the other way around because I mostly use black line colours. This means that all my symbols will be exported as white.
  3. Hello, I've exported my design in Vectorworks via dwg so I can build in Sketchup. All my curved linework is showing up as segmented lines instead of the arcs. Is there something I'm missing when exporting the dwg to show the curves in Sketchup? screenshots attached. Thank you for any guidance on this issue. Lukas
  4. Hallo All! For some time now I´ve been fighting with the DWG Export issue. I´m glad to see the improvements in VW2022, but results are not satisfying yet. Size is much better in 22 (700Kb vs 19Mb in 2021) and rubble content is much lower (you can see the yellow area is the same on both cases, in 2021 the black collateral is HUGE. My point after this improvements keeps beeing the organization of the DWG itself. We can make several details of a single BIM section and layout them but the problem (for me at least) arises when in the exported DWG each of these details, that are exported as "framed views" contains not a drawing but a block, and that each of the block from the details (that all originate from the same section) are actually different to each other, thus completely thwarting the sense of the blocks! Is there an official stance on this topic? From what I read in the forum it is not regarded as a problem by VW-USA and therefore we can´t expect a solution... am I right? BIM is the present but there are a lot of planners involved in the design process that need DWG information exchange and I think this should be stable and trustworthy.
  5. I have just updated VW2020 to SP3 and exported some file to DWG that I have been exporting earlier in the day, after export the DWG. On opening the file in ProjeCAD (also checked in AutoCAD) the DWG is a mess with lines all over the place. Extract of model below - Original exported prior to SP3: After updating to Sp3: I have duplicated this in a test file by creating a extruded rectangle (5x5x5m) square to grid. Exported to DWG using the same settings as previously used and opened in ProjeCAD Each face is now subdivided. In the same file I then created two additional extruded rectangles, one square to the grid and one rotated. Plan view: 3D perspective View: Again exported to DWG using the same settings as previously used and opened in ProjeCAD 3d Perspective view: The top and bottom surfaces of the extruded rectangles that was rotated are now a mess. The extruded rectangles that are square to the grid appear intact apart from each face now subdivided. Can you please advise how to revert back to VW SP2 as I have wasted a few hours now messing around with this. And fix this ASAP Setting as used in the export for reference: (Have also tried changing the settings but same results.)
  6. We're having an issue with door and window tags which cannot be flipped into the correct visual orientation for the purpose of exporting into DWG. Whilst in Vectorworks we can adjust the text of the tag in the model space or viewport, when exported the tags revert to their 'unflipped' state. Below is an indication of how the door tags are viewed within vetorworks with the text flipped and again how it appears when exported to DWG. We cannot seem to find any setting or method of inserting the doors to get the ID tags in the correct orientation.
  7. Good afternoon, After taking a look at the Titleblock elements for VW 2018, it is indeed flexible, however there is an issue regarding exports. Normally, when any symbol is exported with record information - in autocad it automatically converts it to attributes that can be modified for the symbol - very convenient when setting up standards in between two platforms. What I like - Before record information exported on a multiline field automatically converted to a single line field which made it impossible to modify multi line text without dramatically modifying the exported titleblock. This issue seems to have dissapeared, but for a different reason i believe. Now - with the new Parametric titleblock - the record information is there, however it is not exported as linkable attributes in autocad. In other words, record information for the symbol is there - however, attributes assigned to the text do not modify the text anymore. I believe it is because it was converted to a parametric record - not a database (modifiable) record. I thought I'd share this because it was quite handy to work in between platforms that links records and attributes together. Parametric constraints however do not. Perhaps theres a fix i don't know about? Either way, Thanks for the help in advance!!
  8. I'm using Vectorworks Spotlight 2018, trying to export a 3D model into a DWG. I'm having issues with my line weight getting too big after exporting to DWG. You can see every thing in the correct size while zooming, but as soon as you stop zooming everything blows up. Prudential_Arena_Roof_3D_v2018.vwx Prudential_Arena_Roof_3D_v2018.dwg
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