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  1. Thanks for replying. I figured out my issue, I had line weights assigned by class which were only showing up in the exported DWG.
  2. I'm using Vectorworks Spotlight 2018, trying to export a 3D model into a DWG. I'm having issues with my line weight getting too big after exporting to DWG. You can see every thing in the correct size while zooming, but as soon as you stop zooming everything blows up. Prudential_Arena_Roof_3D_v2018.vwx Prudential_Arena_Roof_3D_v2018.dwg
  3. Great site you guys have here, I'm only a few months into vectorworks and just starting with writing some code, this site has been invaluable. I hoping someone could help me adjust this script to record the height and width of rectangle shaped 3d symbols from a front or side view. I'm using this to draw stage rigging plots in Spotlight 2015 and need to record the dimensions of the roof beams.
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