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Found 14 results

  1. I am working on a project file, shared on Dropbox and we have been getting the “reset the project file” notification. I have reset it, the lead administrator has reset it, and I am still getting this message. Any suggestions? I am guessing it is time to start using the cloud service for hosting.
  2. As someone who works on a lot of projects that are shared with others, but where the built-in collaboration features are lacking/don't work: When a file is saved create a checksum. Before a file is saved, re-read the file and see if the checksum of the current file matches the checksum from when you opened it. If it matches, save as normal, if it doesn't match, at least alert the user that the original file has changed and make them either confirm the save or give the option to do a "Save As..." We have run into a number of instances where User A opens a file, then User B opens a file, User B then saves and closes the file followed by User A. As a result of this, User B's changes are obliterated but there is no indication that this has happened. This is mostly an issue when files are being shared via cloud service that integrates into a local machine (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc)
  3. Something to bear in mind if you're using Dropbox for file sync with Vectorworks. The update Dropbox is pushing out (which moves your folder to ~/Library/CloudStorage) to bring their application into line Apple's updated File Provider API does not currently support LAN Sync: https://help.dropbox.com/installs/macos-support-for-expected-changes
  4. Working on a shared file .vwxp on DropBox Business with: MacBookPro13 M1 2020 Mac OS12.1 VW2022 SP2.1 R1 iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017) Mac OS12.1 VW2022 SP2.1 R1 Saving file crash on the MacBook without saving the work. Reopening the .vwxp file shows that a lot of objects are blocked from the user of the MacBook. Administrator cannot unblock that object and the owner of the object cannot unlock too. The shared file can't be updated or unblocked. We use an Italian version of VW.
  5. We're considering a move from our local Mac server to Dropbox but I want to test a project first. Is there anything I should know? Is it as simply as moving the Project File to Dropbox and off we go or is there some process I need to follow? One other thing I'm curious of, because I seem to remember somebody telling me it works this way: Does Save & Commit and Refresh data get transmitted over the LAN if the Project File and Working Files are on the same LAN? Or does it need to upload to Dropbox first and then download again? Can we expect any kind of delay if we're all on a LAN?
  6. Got to work this morning and we're finding we can't do anything with any of our Project Sharing files. If we try to edit a Working File we're getting the attached message. Same message in v2019 or v2020, macOS 10.14 or 10.15, which makes me think it's a Dropbox issue. Is anybody else experiencing this? We've had to convert them to standard vwx files to continue working on them for now.
  7. Last year we moved away from an internal file server and upgraded to Dropbox Business for the advantages that file syncing services provide. But the reason we chose Dropbox was mainly because it was familiar to us (we were already using a free account) and because some of the businesses we work with, including building contractors, were starting to use Dropbox. Now that I have a very busy year behind me I'm having a closer look at the options and in particular I've noticed a significant difference between how Dropbox and Box.com work with regard to collaborating with third parties: When sharing folders from Dropbox the data in the shared folder counts against the third party's storage space. This means if you want a third party to be able to alter or edit files in the shared folder they will need to upgrade to a paid account if they're to avoid hitting the storage limits of a free account (2 GB). When sharing folders from Box.com, however, the data in the shared folder does not count against the third party's storage space (although I believe some accounts limit the number of third parties you can share with). This is significant because it means you can work with people without forcing them to upgrade to a paid account. So I'm curious, what file syncing service are you using and why?
  8. VW As I was running a Batch Convert in VW2019 two things happen. 1. It generates duplicate files with a tag (DESKTOP - DMEIHE1'S conflicted copy...date) 2. Eventually, VW closes I chose a folder with all my projects files (years worth) I paused Dropbox from syncing I paused OneDrive from syncing Any ideas? Thank you
  9. My dropbox folder is on an external raid array, I am unsure how to tell cloud services where my dropbox folder is as I can't find a setting that allows that. Anyone?
  10. Hi All, I am having continuous trouble while saving and checking out layers in Vectorworks 2018. I have been using dropbox for quite a while and never encountered such long delays for project file to update even when I was alone working in it. Attached see image showing the message I get every time I try to check out layers. It would be huge help if anybody has any insight on this topic.
  11. On November 16, global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc.’s Cloud Services was named winner of the Cloud Based Technology of the Year 2017 award for the Construction Computing Awards. Vectorworks Architect software was also named runner up for the Architectural Design Software of 2017 award. “Leveraging the power of cloud computing is a huge productivity improvement, saving hundreds of hours a year,” said Lyuben Hadzhipopov, cloud infrastructure manager at Vectorworks. “Before the Cloud, computational-intensive tasks like photo-realistic rendering could take hours and sometimes even days. This would cause huge delays in work productivity as designers waited for these tasks to complete. By subbing these tasks to the Cloud, the web can handle processing, leaving your local machine free so work and collaboration can continue as planned.” Improved Cloud Services were released in Vectorworks 2018 software this past September, and designers can now easily share designs, drawings and 3D models with clients and partners by using Google Drive, in addition to Dropbox, which was previously available. The Cloud Services web portal has also been updated for better file organization, along with an easier-to-use sharing interface and the ability to generate Web View Virtual Reality links of files in the cloud. Additionally, designers can now render a 360-degree view of a 3D model with the panorama feature, and then export the file to cloud storage, receiving a link to view the rendered panorama on a laptop, desktop or any mobile device. “Looking forward, Vectorworks is investigating new innovations to bring to its Cloud Services, like augmented reality capabilities and other collaborative capabilities, which would give Vectorworks users new ways to interact with stakeholders in the design and construction process," said Hadzhipopov. Vectorworks Architect is an industry-leading architectural design and BIM software that helps connect the entire design process from concept to construction in one platform. With Architect, designers can take on a project of any scale, from urban planning; to residential, commercial, hospitality, and institutional buildings; to interior renovations and fit outs. Known as “The Hammers,” the Construction Computing Awards showcase and reward the technology, tools and solutions for the effective design, construction, maintenance and modification of commercial buildings, residential and social housing and civil engineering projects of all sizes. The winners were announced at the twelfth annual gala event at the Radisson Blu Edwardian in Bloomsbury, London. Over 220 guests came to see the result of the readers’ online voting and judging panel’s considerations. A full list of the award winners can be found here. Videos and photos of the gala will be available soon, and there will be a full round up of the evening with a mention of Cloud Services in the November/December 2017 issue of Construction Computing Magazine. Details for the 2018 awards have been announced. The date of next year’s awards event is November 15, 2018; project submissions and nominations will open in early July. More information about next year’s awards event will appear on the Construction Computing Awards website in March 2018. To learn more about Vectorworks Cloud Services, Vectorworks Architect and other offerings, visit vectorworks.net.
  12. I'm trying to do some VW cloud publishing, I managed to get it working with the default Cloud Services Folder, but when I tried Dropbox it I get this,: The resultant PDF is like 834bytes (Blank). The VWX is sync'd in my company's dropbox folder(s) where it lives, and I also exported the file to the same folder. I have given cloud services permission for full Dropbox integration. I suspect that the way I use aliases might have something to do with it. Basically we use dropbox as a company, but the folder organization that works for the majority, sucks for me and there is too much time navigating, not enough time doing. So I do something like below: My Company wants: Dropbox > Current > Client > Show Name > Layouts and Renders (there are other folders, but this is only one I care about) What I want to see: Dropbox > Working Plots which shows a list of all the current shows by show name that points directly to the respective "Layout and Renders" folder of each. I accomplish this via some applescripting and aliases. However when I added full dropbox integration to Vectorworks Cloud Services my dropbox then shows: It seems to just hang while syncing remaining files, which based on the sync icons in my Working Plots directory, it has X's at all of the aliases like that's causing it, or if VW cloud services is in some sort of endless loop trying to index my dropbox account. I'm not sure. But it works fine without the integration. Do aliases break the integration? Can anyone offer any help?
  13. We are running VWX 2014 Architect between a few users in a team. We share all our drawings over a shared dropbox folder. We name our files as follows for different parts of the project which are all referenced to each other using referenced design layers : PROJECT NAME - LIGHTING PROJECT NAME - FURNITURE SETTING OUT etc.. Sometimes we've noticed file names changing from ALL CAPS as above, to all lower case - Any idea why this could be happening ? I dont think its a dropbox issue as i havnt noticed it happening with any other non VWX files shared in dropbox.
  14. I use VW Architect in a small design office where we are often project sharing with large files. Using iMacs and a Mac mini server, VW2017. 600MB connection to both server and internet. We've had a lot of problems with crashes when we keep the project file on our server when committing changes. We solved this by using dropbox instead. Although there is an added lag time going through the off-site dropbox server, we aren't getting the crashes as the committed changes happen on our local machine before being uploaded. We're thinking of implementing this throughout the office, but before we signup for dropbox business, etc. I wanted to ask if anyone else has reached a similar conclusion, or if anyone has experience of dropbox project sharing and could offer some pros and cons. Would appreciate any advice, thanks.
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