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  1. Ron, whilst I do like the way the Magic Mouse looks and whilst it's great for web surfing etc, it's not suitable for CAD so I completely understand why you are struggling, the MM 2 is better as it's a bit lighter. I looked into Wacom tablets but decided to stick with a mouse for Vectorworks as I find it accurate and convenient to work with. For some years now I've been using the Logitech M500 corded mouse, it's light and ergonomically shaped and I use it for long periods without any problem. The buttons are fully programmable so you can set up all sorts of short cuts, it's also cheap and reliable. https://www.logitech.com/en-us/product/corded-mouse-m500
  2. Not really, true that a duplicated and cropped viewport can be converted to lines but everything is converted to the same weight of black line and any curves such as insulation batt are chopped into lots of tiny lines. I think what I did in the end was simply select the areas of detail that I wanted pasted them into a design layer then trimmed to suit.
  3. Ok with the excellent help from Apple I have dowloaded Sierra and the Magic Keyboard is now working fine, Vectorworks also up and running. This is the link if anyone needs it- https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT208202
  4. Thanks Tasmin, I just need to find out how to get the Sierra update download now!
  5. Hi, I'm running Yosemite but my new Magic keyboard needs OS X 11 onwards. Is anyone out there running VW 2016 with either 10.11, 10.12, or 10.13? ( I'm avoiding 10.14 Mohave re the recognised issues posted elsewhere). Thanks
  6. Does it have a new door tool to allow custom bi-folding patio doors? Does it have an improved stair tool?
  7. in VWA 2016 is it possible to have the note a smaller font size than the dimension text as it would be useful when detailing up tight floor plans?
  8. Is it possible to have a bow bay window plug in as the window Settings doesn't seem to offer this option yet it's very common in the UK?
  9. Thanks, it’s all done, it would be good to be able to control the thickness of the components and add cavity closing insulation but this is s step forward.
  10. Is it possible to finish wall openings properly by making the external render and internal plaster wrap around the reveals into the window or door frame? Also can insulated cavity closers be shown?
  11. Thanks, all for your views, it sounds like there is no real advantage in using a tablet so I'll stick to my Logitech ergonomic mouse.
  12. Hi, is anyone out there using a Wacom tablet for drawing in Vectorworks and would you recommend it as being better than using a mouse?
  13. Thank you for highlighting Christian's Wiki, we've been asking for a custom door tool that can draw multi leaf bifold doors now and an easy to use stair tool for so many years now that I'll probably retire before it happens...
  14. flipping the stairs sometimes sorts this out. It's well past time that we had a new stair tool!
  15. Hi, yes I know about offsetting the window in the wall but are you sure that yours is rebated into the wall from inside the building? No I don't think there is an option for horns although there should be as even upvc sliding box sash windows have curved horns.
  16. Victorian sliding sash windows are neatly rebated into the wall from the room side. I can draw the splayed reveals fine but is there a way to show the jambs rebated in the walls?
  17. We are still on VW2016. Did the round wall batt start for 2017 or 2018? I just drew the attached using walls like you, interestingly I then added a length of insulation batt but it didn't push the file size up that much, not sure what a curved one would be like though.
  18. I think it should work as long as only one computer is in use at one time, or VW is only open on one computer, it can be a pain though if you forget to quit on one before leaving the office. I bought an additiuonal licence for remote working away from the office to get around it.
  19. If you mean insulation batt then that would not really work, due to complexity/distortion/file size, we use the default Component Insulation Fibre hatch so in your case you could just show a ring of insulation around your pipe and use that hatch, I'm not sure where it's located though but we have it saved in the Resources palette, it's probably in the Vectorworks Architect workspace. You could make the insulation ring as a symbol and have different sizes perhaps?
  20. Has anyone had problems installing VW2018, like not being able to close the drawing window with the red dot or getting a fuzzy grey screen when quitting?
  21. I no longer see the Edit Viewport pane when I double click on a viewport so I am unable to tick Add Reference Crop Object. It's only on one Mac. Is there a way to get that pane back?
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