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  1. @Pat Stanford many thanks indeed - I'll look into this
  2. @Pat Stanford thank you so much for this! Yes, that fixed the problem with the walls but now of course the lights don't appear on the drawing. If I were to change the class of this fittings to none, would that stop the lighting issue but keep them on the drawing? Also could you point me to where I could find out more about Parallels? Looking at @JenK's note this would likely fix my issue but I'm not an IT expert a novice part-time interior designer .... I'm SO grateful for your help!
  3. @Wes Gardner Thanks for your message. I've hopefully attached a file. I'm looking at Design Layer 5. Yes, I'm on VW2017 on MacOS Mojave v10.14.6 - sadly I'm trapped on v2017 which doesn't work on Mojave properly, I can't roll back, can't update for fear of losing ALL compatibility and can't afford to upgrade. I've just checked Design Layer 4 and it seems fine. So I've obviously done something that I've no idea I've changed & now have no clue how to revert it back - I could cry! @Pat Stanford I will attempt to find the Attributes Palette .... Stancombe v1.vwx
  4. I've created a new file with walls. I attached radiators to some of the walls and in doing so, the properties of the walls change to HVAC equipment class. I've changed the walls back to be wall class and removed the radiators from the walls but my walls are all appearing in black in the GL render. How do I change this back? I've checked the class properties and they show the walls should be white but the walls remain black! Any suggestions?
  5. @Cadplan Architecture thank you so much for the update. It's interesting what you say about the text tool because that is the one thing that is now a complete nightmare for me on Mojave. Really grateful for your input.
  6. Hi there, Unfortunately for me I took the Mac Mojave upgrade. I'm a sole trader working on my own and I was totally naive and took the upgrade thinking it was the best thing for my mac without realising it was going to screw up VW2017. Also I'm not in a position to pay out the £2k required to upgrade to 2019. Luckily I can just about use 2017 in lowest compatibility mode for what I need it for. Now there is a new Mojave update and I'm scared to install it in case it will render my VW 2017 completely unusable. Can anyone advise? By the way, I read on one thread that it was widely advised not to take the Mojave upgrade. I don't where it was widely mentioned by I managed to see absolutely nothing about it until it was too late. So please refrain from adding messages to the thread about how I should have been more aware. The deed is done & I can't reverse it so positive, helpful comments would be gratefully received. V
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