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  1. cheers islandmon, will check it out
  2. ah, that now makes sense, we use DIN font a lot and it sometimes causes problems, sometimes 'b' 'p' letters flip upside down, i think this may be the cause, unfortunately its a font we all have to use on our templates across the company, will see what i can do.
  3. no funny symbols at all in the file names, maybe this is something that has been solved in later additions, will just have to suffer until we upgrade
  4. I totally agree with you Brendan, the basics need to be right in the first place before you can move forward, otherwise the walls tend to crumble around you as time goes on
  5. right, i have had this problem for years now, and have listed the problem in the past, but it has really got to me today as i have had lots of plans to export to PDF. Here goes, when exporting PDFs from VW sometimes for no reason at all it will corrupt the file and leave it with zero kb file size. the way round this is to reduce the characters in the title. The titles are not long, just a drawing number and abbreviated drawing name, probably between 10-15 characters in most cases. i know you can use the PDF print function, but that gives bigger file sizes and i dont want to do that. is anyone else having these problems? this is such a simple task to perform, i dont know why VW cant handle it
  6. why dont you set out the viewport at the scale you want it printed on a sheet layer and then place the text on the sheet layer, then you can scale the text to exactly what you want
  7. i think you can create folders, and then put them into there
  8. tried the sketchup 3D warehouse???????
  9. this would be doable if you could have a 'none' fill on a gradient, then you could have a gradient with none and white and place this with an opacity over the hatch, thus fading out. this may be possible in 2010, but havent got a clue cos im still in the dark ages......
  10. true, true, didnt look at it that way to be honest. if it would benefit the standard program for the following release then that cant be bad.
  11. never mind, im sure you run VW seamlessly every day with no bugs/problems occuring on your current platform. im sure it will be amazing if, as you wish, it is rewritten for a new OS! i would rather VW is improved as it stands, as the vast majority of users sit on their arse in front of a screen to do their work, not wander around a site with an ipad.
  12. how did i come to that conclusion???? you work on a mac with VW already, work it out! are you saying VW is already bug free as it stands?
  13. just imagine all the bugs you would have to deal with if VW was rewritten for the ipad, not worth thinking about! plus, you would be in danger of throwing the ipad when you get enraged by these bugs!!! i find it hard to throw my mac pro at the moment, but i do feel like it sometimes.
  14. dont get me wrong, i love my mac, and was a convert as soon as i started using it for exactly the reasons you have all said, ease of use and pleasurability. i may have gone off track a little by ranting, but all i wanted to say was that i think this should be a low priority, if one at all. i would like to think that CAD apps will soon be available in a touch screen format, and that it will work well, but in all seriousness, i think this may be a long way off, i wish it wasnt, but i think it is. do you think you could draw accurately via touch? i think my chubby little fingers may make a mess of things...haha
  15. 'People aren?t going to buy these because they?re pretty or because ?it?s Apple.? They?ll buy them because they do what they say on the tin.' totally disagree with you here, iv spoken to at least 3 people already who are going to by one purely because its apple and it looks nice, sorry to say it , but there are many many people like this all over the world!!! and most of the time, all they are going to do is surf the internet on it. dont get me wrong, im sure it will be a nifty toy, but cant see it as a viable platform for VW, and i dont think NNA should waste time on it just yet, who knows, it could be a big flop in a year
  16. how would a CAD app work on a touch screen anyway? i rely on my button combos all the time. Slate computers have been around for ages, its only because its apple that people are going to buy it. I used to supply slates to field engineers for real time data capture etc, and trust me, if your going to be lugging it around on sites, its going to get broken pretty quickly. Dont get me wrong, i love my mac, ipod etc, but i would rather NNA focus on improving VW rather than making an app for this. this is a toy really
  17. you must be joking right?!!!! just read up on this ipad and it doesnt even have a bloody USB port!!!! or flash support this is old tech in new clothing waste of time in my opinion
  18. anyone else think the markers are a bit clunky at present. i have had some drawings where i want to put a marker on a heavy line weight, but the marker doesnt sit right at the end of the line, so you get a little bit of the line on top of the marker, makes it look odd!! i would quite like a slide in the OIP which you can move up and down to change the size of the marker being used, instead of having to go in each time and edit.
  19. best to contact your local reseller, they should have material which they can provide you for earlier versions of VW
  20. jeffrey, and idea why it might have stopped working in 2008? anything i may have unchecked/checked thats causing it to not appear? its not the end of the world, just a bit frustrating that it was working and now for no apparent reason it has stopped.
  21. anyone? surely someone else apart from myself and eoin use this feature, does it work in 2010?
  22. can anyone help, in the past i have used the callout tool with a round rectangle bubble with bubble shadow. i have not used it for quite a while, and now today when i try and use it, there is no bubble shadow. doesnt work when i set it up before i use the call out tool, or even after i have placed a callout and then check the box in the OIP for bubble shadow. all that happens is my callout changes its fill colour, no shadow. I know its not a major problem, but i liked it and want to use it. any ideas?
  23. if you really want a better quality renderer then go with something like C4D or Vray, they have far better render engines. VW rendering is useful for basic rendering, but for high quality photo realism, then you will need to export your model to something else to render in, its a shame, but its true, just the way it is. Im sure if you really tried hard, you could produce something in VW that looks great, but i think it would be really really time consuming, especially getting to grips with all the render options. im still on 2008, so things may have changed for the better in 2010, but i doubt it that much.
  24. i have had problems with DINN font, sometimes it flips b's into p's when exporting to pdf, you can get round this by printing to pdf, but file sizes are bigger.
  25. i never ever trust VW to import things and choose the units automatically, NEVER, it always comes up with the wrong units, i receive lots of surveys from various companies, all of which use meters as their units, i know this because i have asked. VW seems to decide that things are in feet, inches, mills etc etc, it very rarely gets the meters unit right.


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