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  1. Looks like I missed the 2020 bump, but here is my bump for 2021. 7 years for a simple thing.... that would make having to do thousands of less clicks....
  2. The annual bump of this post. 2019 rolls on.
  3. Sorted. Thanks Very Much!
  4. Thanks Jim It's 10.13.4 High Sierra
  5. A bit of a strange one. In my view bar, I always like to keep layer scale as an visible option. But everytime that I quit vectorworks I lose that change. The same goes for the setting where, ESC ESC exits group. It seems to me these options are not stored in the workspace. So where are they stored? And how do I force them everytime. Not sure why but this is only a problem on my desktop, and not on my laptop. Running 2018 SP3 Thanks Anshu
  6. The VWX support fixed this one for me. If you go to the user folder>plug ins and delete the runtime cache folder. That should get you back up and running.
  7. Woah. This is shockingly awful. Renders SP3 unusable. Is there a quick fix coming out ASAP????
  8. indeed. I think 14,15,16,17,18..... kind of laughable at this point.
  9. Bumping this for yet another version....
  10. Sadly still waiting for this one. Perhaps need to submit it again.
  11. Sorry for the wordy title, but thats the gist of my problem. I have a workspace that got migrated across, so far no problem, but I was going into change some menus, and add new tools, and none of the changes would take. As in I would make the changes in the editor, commit, and when I was back in the workspace none of the changes were there, tried restarting etc etc. What was strange was I loaded the fundamentals workspace and made a change and it worked no problem. Any ideas? Thanks Anshu
  12. Was this ever resolved? Looks like I'm having a similar problem....
  13. Hi, I want to like the new key tool, but for the life of me I cannot get it to create two columns. So I always have to break it apart and then build my own. I make the width very large and then try to make a column offset thats maybe 1/2 the size of the total width, but I cannot enter that, it always reverts to the full width... Am I missing something very obvious here? Thanks Anshu
  14. This issue appears still a problem, any eta on a fix? Makes the feature unusable.
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