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  1. Thanks, embarrassed!! got mixed up with "create-convert" there!! Cheers, James
  2. Please help, I have been working happily away in Vectorworks 2012 (SP5) on a bunch of 2d P&ID drawings. I imported some DWG files. Now whenever I try to convert an object to viewport, i get the error message: "this command only works on layer links that are not locked" This is happening in any drawing, current, old, newly created. I can no longer convert to viewport at all in vectorworks. I have never used layer links always viewports for presenting drawings. I have tried unlocking objects etc. but no luck. Any assistance would be appreciated, Thanks James
  3. Bit of an annoyance. I have all my general pref/settings as far as i can tell set to metric. But whenever i create a new document, not from template, the Snap and Reference Grids are set to 3 and 13, instead of 2 and 10, which makes me think it is grabbing Imperial settings (1/4" and 1")from somewhere. Has anyone encountered this, know how to fix this? Thanks James Using : VW 2012 OSX 10.8
  4. Okay I have sorted this now, for some reason it did not like exporting Helvetica Nueue, when all text was changed to plain Helvetica it worked fine, strange.
  5. Hello, I am having a problem when exporting PDFs. Some of the text is behaving fine and exporting as vector fonts so looks great no matter how much you zoom into the pdf, while other text is coming out rendered pixelated. I though it might just be in the viewports, but it is doing it in the title bar as well, which is most odd. Any advice on what i am missing would be much appreciated. Thanks James
  6. Hello, I know this has been discussed in other threads and elsewhere on the nets, but have found the information patchy and am unable find a definitive answer. I will soon be upgrading to Vectorworks 2010 from V12 and also plan on getting a 3D Connexion device. It states on the 3D connexion website that the Space Explorer is certified for Vectorworks 2008 SP3, but have found conflicting reports as to whether the all buttons work. What I would like to know if anyone has had success using all the function buttons on the 3D Connexion Space Explorer with Vectorworks in OS X? If not I will go for the SpaceNavigator. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks, James
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