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  1. Why not group the wall and the cabinets? Then you can see only what you want while you edit, then exit and ungroup.
  2. This happens to me all the time. And it is annoying....
  3. Sorry. Extracting the face, and unfolding that did work, but it placed the unfolded geometry way off the screen. I didn't notice it until I hit command+6. Then I found a bunch of them! Ha. Nice little trick Vectorworks......
  4. Hi All. I'm trying to unfold the face of this object. It's an angled and curved front of a banquette, and I would like to unfold it so I can cut out the proper shape of veneer required to apply to the curved face. I've tried simply unfolding which doesn't work, and I've also extracted the face and then tried to unfold that. It didn't work either. I suspect the shape is not "unfold-able"? Any thoughts appreciated. Thanks VW2015 architect macbook pro 2.6 GHz i7
  5. When it happens for me, I don't get far enough to select a location. And no network...
  6. I have the same problem, though it's not consistent. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If I can get a repeatable condition I'll post back, but just wanted to add my name to the list for this bug. VW2015 SP1 macbook pro 2.6GHz, i7
  7. I regularly switch my drawing units from inches (1/16" precision) to millimetres (1mm precision). Unfortunately the dimensions on my SLVP's do not always accept the selected precision, or they change randomly. I generally have to go into almost all my viewports, select all the dimensions and manually re-set the precision before printing. Any thoughts? Is this happening to anyone else? This has been happening for me for at least 2 previous versions (2011, and 2012). Thanks VW 2015 Architect Macbook Pro 2.6, I7 NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 20148MB
  8. Did this always happen and I never noticed? When I choose the rectangle tool and input the X and Y dimensions and 'position at next click' is selected, when I press enter on the keyboard I get an error beep. If I press 'OK' to exit the dialogue box, no beep. Both 'enter' and 'return' keyboard inputs result in a beep. Why is it beeping at me? I have 'use sound' off in the preferences. WV 2015 Macbook Pro, 2.6 GHz, I7 16GB ram NVIDIA GeForce GT750M 2048MB
  9. The instructions given earlier are correct. You're just going to have to try it. Make a front view viewport of the whole model. This will get placed on a sheet layer. Then create a section viewport through the viewport, looking down. You will get the plan section you're looking for. Then crop it as needed.....
  10. In order to help you....I need to know if you know the difference between a viewport, and a section viewport. If you're not sure, let me know so we can move forward. Try this: select : modify>create section viewport. Draw the section line from in front of the bench left to right, then double-click in the direction you want to see. A dialogue box will open....you can accept the defaults for now. It will place a section viewport onto a sheet layer, looking at your bench. Did it work?
  11. Is there any way to turn this annoying feature off? When I publish to PDF, preview automatically opens with the resulting PDF. But the VW icon bounces incessantly to tell me it published the PDF successfully. VW 2014 architect/interiorCAD Macbook Pro OSX 10.9.4
  12. I'm confused as to whether you want an elevation, or a plan-section. If you want an elevation of the bench: 1) make a section viewport looking at the bench (you can crop this viewport on the sheet layer to see only the part of the view you want) To make the plan section, re-read previous posts: 1) make a viewport of the front of your model (not a section viewport. you will only see the wall in this view) 2) make a section viewport on the sheet layer cutting across your front view. This will give you the plan section. 3) you can move the cut line up or down as need to get the view you want. And again...you can crop this view to show only the parts you want.
  13. As bcd said....make a viewport (not a section viewport) of the front view of your model. Then make a section viewport at the desired elevation looking down. Then you should be able to crop the resulting viewport to show the area you want.
  14. Hi John. I do this fairly frequently, and with the same set-up you're using. My thoughts: With respect to thermador specifically, the options they give for the different CAD files are 2D front views, so you will only get that view regardless of whether you're in top/plan or otherwise. If you choose the first option they give "CAD file", it will be a usable 3D model. When you import the model, make sure the model space units are not determined automatically, but use a custom scale of 1:1 (this is set in the first dialog box when you import the file). This should take care of the scaling issue. Once you have the model imported, play around with the auto-hybrid functions in the AEC menu. Next, I find it easier to use sketch-up models wherever possible. Take advantage of the sketch-up's 3D warehouse. Search the warehouse, and see if there is a model of the appliance you're using. If there is, try it - but always check that the sizes match what the manufacturer's specs say. These are not alway models submitted by the manufacturer themselves so there could be inaccuracies. Hope this helps.
  15. "However if you click, move the cursor up and right and click while in motion, the drawn line segment will begin to bend to follow your cursor." Is there a way to disable this "implied curve" behaviour? It's very eager to draw a curve when a straight line is desired.....
  16. Brilliant. That worked perfectly! Thanks all.
  17. Please see attached PDF. I have a millwork unit with a 3"x3" post on either end of a radiused curb. Projecting up from the curb are 1/2" x 2-1/2" slats at an angle, but evenly spaced along the curve. I need to model a 1-1/2" thick x 3" wide top cap to join up to the square caps on each end post which are at different heights. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to model this? I'm sure it involves NURBS, but I have tried a numbers of times and can't seem to get it to work. Thanks for any help you can offer.
  18. Just to update....I'm finding that Vectorworks itself seems fairly stable with Mavericks, interiorCAD is definitely not. Many, many crashes.
  19. I realize this may be too broad of a topic, but thought I'd throw it out there anyway. A bit of background: I use Vectorworks 2012 with InteriorCAD for millwork shop drawings. Mainly commercial stuff....restaurants, schools, commercial interiors. It all works well enough. But, I'd like to have better looking viewports when doing smaller jobs, say residential stuff where the client isn't too familiar with architectural plans. I don't have Renderworks, so I'm left with "tricks" to make better looking plans and elevations. What I'd like to know is what, if any tips/tricks do you use to achieve this? Some that I use: - in plan views, I sometimes draw over the 3D generated top/plan to show things with a bit more clarity. Clumsy as it needs to be re-done with every update to the drawings. - when showing a 3D view, I overlay a hidden line viewport on top of an open GL viewport. - in the SLVP, I overlay the millwork with a polygon with a woodgrain hatch and beige background, and 'send to back'. Although I already use a grey woodgrain line I sometimes I set the opacity lower to make the grain lines or colour a bit more subtle.
  20. I use it. And it's usable to me. Still the odd crash (but that's not unusual....even if the VW version and OS version are fully compatible). 2 issues I've seen: - occasionally when using a larger file the little 'highlight' box around the icons in the toolbars follows the mouse pointer. It's kinda funny - if you do circles with the mouse around the tool icons, the highlight follows behind slowly so it continues to highlight tools long after the mouse has stopped (if that makes any sense....a bit tough to explain) - tool palettes change all over the place when switching monitors. This again is not unusual (I can't wait for the day OS allow palette docking), but it gets worse with this setup.
  21. Hi All. I'm looking to purchase a new macbook pro. I'm wondering if anyone here is using the latest computer for running VW, and if there are any problems. In the past I have been plagued with the slow regen time on zoom changes, and I'm wondering if the video card on the new macbooks might suffer the same problems. The machine I'm looking at would have the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M with 1GB GDDR5 memory. Any help appreciated!
  22. That was my thinking. You can paste-in-place of course, but It would be great to just click on an object (or right click) and send it to the main drawing and continue working in the group.
  23. I was looking for a faster way to do it...without exiting the group and going back in.
  24. Maybe this has been mentioned but I couldn't find it. I would like to be able to remove an item from a group. Let's say I group a bunch of objects, it would great if I could right-click and remove items as needed - then they would be sent back to the drawing and work could continue in the group.
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