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  1. You could place 3-D loci at the end of each line and then assign the elevation to each loci using the object info palette. Then use the 3-D loci in creating the DTM.
  2. No, not even close to what you want.
  3. This should have been done years ago. Nemetscheck make it happen now!
  4. Or try the Duplicate along a path tool.
  5. I have found that if you move either the proposed or existing dtm symbol, say to see the proposed next to the existing dtm symbol, the cut and fill will not work. But I have also encountered numerous other inexplicable problems with the new dtm method that nna tech have not been able to explain even after numerous emails to them. [ 03-27-2002: Message edited by: Marc Pitman ]
  6. If they are symbols and you want to change the scale of all instances of the symbol, use the edit symbol command rather than the symbol to group command.
  7. This seems to be a bug in version 9.5. Any response from NNA?
  8. You probably need to change your reference grid spacing to a larger size so that it can be seen. Do this by using the menu command..Page/Set Grid.
  9. Under VW Help/9.5.0 Documentation Bulletin there is an explanation of the trim command. It seems, just as you have stated, the trim command works only for lines and walls (not rectangles, polygons, etc.). I believe you have to use the trim tool on rectangles and polygons.
  10. Try the Units menu under Page. In the dialog box select the desired decimal precision for angles using the pull down menu.
  11. I tried following the sample makeattachrec.vss, (www.nemetschek.net/support/custom/vscript/example.html "Attach Record to Object") to attach and assign record fields to a symbol. The record and fields were created but nothing is assigned to the fields besides the default info. I then tried running the example script with its associated drawing and the same thing occured.I'm using VWA/L with Win 98se. Is there something I'm missing with this example?
  12. I have tried creating dtm's with relatively large numbers of vertices (1000's). The progress monitor seems at times to stop, however the dtm is still being created. I let one such large dtm run while I ate lunch and sure enough it was finished when I returned. How many vertices or stake objects are being used to create the dtm?
  13. I was wondering about the same thing. The z field seems like it would change the position of an object in 3d space, but since structural shapes appear to be just 2d objects they can only appear in plan view, so why the z field? To make the object 3d I had to ungroup the symbol and then extrude it.
  14. I have experienced the same difficulty. I have been able to get the paste as picture to work as long as I use the scale command to resize the bitmap to fit the desired area. Do not drag a corner as this will cause all kinds of cells to be improperly positioned.
  15. You should get your information from the AASHTO "A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets", 1994. A web link to the info you want may be found at this source: http://manuals.dot.state.tx.us/dynaweb/coldesig/rdw/@ebt-link;pt =17966?target=%25N%15_18210_START_RESTART_N%25 [This message has been edited by Marc Pitman (edited 08-01-2001).]
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