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  1. Found it! File/Preferences/Vector Works Preferences/ Session Tab/ Serial Number Button
  2. How do I enter the serial number after running VW in the evaluation mode? Normally this is entered at installation but it was not done for this copy, not sure why! Thanks
  3. I am attempting to open a old file I think was made with Minicad. I currently have VW 11.0. Is there a viewer to try in opening this file with?
  4. Katie, My attempt here is to make the symbol part of the existing library of symbols that allow me to select and then insert them. Katie, "Add new resource file" is not a option for me.My options to add a file are, "Add new to favorites files" "Add current to favorites".
  5. When I close the current drawing that I am working on the favorites folder disappears from the RB with the symbol in it.How do I get the favorites folder to appear when using different drawings?I need to make this folder available for use with all drawings that I open or create.
  6. My problem is adding the symbols to the folder,how is this accomplished?
  7. I have created a symbol in a document that I wish to add to a folder(created by myself) in the resource browser window. I am continually creating this certain symbols or searching old drawings to copy and past the symbol into the new drawing.When I attempt to add the symbol to the resource browser it places the symbol into the favorites section which is removed when I close the drawing.
  8. Not sure on how this works but I tried to adjust the lauer scale of the "D" size drawing and the copy and paste into the "C" size drawing with no solution. Am I doing this correctly? Thanks mon. [ 09-14-2005, 09:18 AM: Message edited by: mdilday ]
  9. I created a drawing on a "D" size template using some of the electrical symbols in the resource browser. I grouped the drawing and then copied the drawing. Next I opened a "C" size drawing and pasted the drawing into the C size drawing. The drawing was largerd than the template area so I selected the drawing and attempted to scale the drawing to fit into the "C" size template. I noticed that the symbols that I inserted were not scaled with the remainder of the drawing scale. Next I tried to scale the entire drawing without and result? Vector Works 11.5.1 WIN PC WIN XP PRO
  10. This is strange, as I look at the files the vector works symbol appears next to the file name. I have do nothing to make this appear?
  11. The only issue that remains is the vectorw works icon not present with each file?
  12. I recently upgraded my hard drive and OS to WIN XP Pro.I then reinstalled Vector Works with all the upgrades and patches to vesion 11.5. When I open the resource browser to insert a symbol there is nothing there to select? I also have noticed that the icons for my vector works files are not identified by a vector works icon. I have to select which program to open the file with? [ 05-26-2005, 09:06 AM: Message edited by: mdilday ]
  13. I have reinstalled Vectorworks 11.5 on a new hard drive with WIN XP PRO. When I try to do the updater 11.5.0(40462), to prevent crashes, I get a error during installation "The location that you have chosen does not contain a copy of Vector Works that can be updated.Please check for location of Vector Works" Is there another update that I need to perform before installing this update?
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