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  1. where have all my objects gone? just installed version 12 on my Mac OS 10.3 and there are no objects in the object browser palette....where did they go?
  2. lsk

    3d trees

    thanks folks...just got to sit down and try this again and the "edit symbol" movida works! thanks again.
  3. lsk

    3d trees

    tried scale objects, doesn't work get an unusual scale objects window having the ratio value set as 1.0000. I can change that to 2.0000 which does nothing and if I try anything larger I get a message back that says its an invalid parameter have tried the 3D scale tool but can't get any of the "handles" to illuminate to grab on to..... I have tried putting the trees into my base layer at the 1:20; I have put them into a separate layer at 1:20 and at various other scales....I always get the same size tree and they won't render in 3D
  4. lsk

    3d trees

    Haven't been on in quite some time as everything works so well. How do I scale a 3-D object to a drawing? Trying to put in some trees from the resources palette, architectural, specialties, landscaping file using hybrid objects. But I can't get them to scale. I've got a 1:20 drawing in which my majestic conifers are about two feet high. Seems simple, What am I missing?
  5. lsk

    Lost AEC Buttons

    Thanks again to all, but now I am getting really puzzled. I was going through the pull down menue under pallettes to object browser, but there is no such thing as "object library" in there. I tried it through the resources, and again I get nothing call object library. I get five file folders: standards, templates, toolkit, VW help and workspaces. Under VW there is a list of about 40 htm's but nothin called (even remotely) object library - doesn't seem to be anything in any of the other folders either. Thanks again for your help!
  6. I am told that additional plug ins are in the object browser. I am looking particularly for furniture and bathroom fixtures. I have 14 buttons on my object browser including windows, doors, columns, cabinets, cubicles etc. None of the buttons or their associated popups show anything related to bathrooms or beds. Am I missing some object libraries for some reason?
  7. Now that I've learned doors and windows and columns and cabinets, can I get other objects? Bathroom fixtures, appliances,bedroom furniture, and so on?
  8. First let me say thanks to the users who helped, but just in case there's another tyro out there with this problem - what I was doing was my downfall. I was creating the individual doors on the desktop and then trying to slide them in place. Don't bother - just click and pop any old door where you need a door and then customize each door indivually usinf command i object info. Works like a charm and now I'm creating doors and windows etc etc like I invented them! Thansk to all again.
  9. I am creating a 3D of an ancient house in which every door is a different size and style. I click on the "insert door" and set up the individual style, size etc. and then drag it to the wall it belongs in - drop it in. I have given the walls and the doors different colors. (Im doing this all in one layer by the way) Everything looks fine in top/plan; everything looks fine in isometric; but when I render it, even final solid, half the doors disappear - I can see them in wire-frame and even in hidden line - but not in a colored rendering. The other half are visible, but only the jambs are rendered with color - the door panels aren't. What am I doing wrong?
  10. I am setting up a ASME B page with the sacle at 1/4" = one foot. As soon as I select the scale, the grid disappears from the page. How do I get it back - sure would be easier to draw with it. LSK
  11. Dern...it worked! Thank you thank you thank you! Espece d'idiote! The constrained line asked me what Z I wanted, and the wall tool did not, so I figured the extrude command was the only way to get there...Just tried it using your instructions and it worked beautifully!!!!! I'm so happy I'm a'gonna post another one! LSK
  12. I'm new to Vectorworks and have gotten it to do a lot of things I'd only dreamed of....its going to be a great tool once I figure out how to do one "simple" thing.... I can't get it to extrude a 2D wall using any of the "wall tools" on the 2D pallette. I can use the unconstrained double line and that will project and render, but none of the others do. If I draw a line with the wall tool and ask it to extrude, the extrude command is not higlighted in the pull down menu..... What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
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