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  1. Hi Zoomer, Thanks a lot for your help. I followed your instruction and Enscape is working now! Thanks again!!! Nap
  2. Hello team, I have a question related Unified View. I am modelling a kitchen space, but when I was trying to render the scene, The Enscape asked me to enable Unified view. Not sure what how did I disable the Unified View in VW? Much appreciated for your help. Regards, Nap unified view.mp4
  3. Hi Dave, I am not sure if my answer is relevant of not, but will give a try. You might need to set up the Units before builidng up your cabinet library, this will save you lots of time from cabinet adjustments later. I have attached a couple of pictures below: You need to give one extra decimal number to increae the accuracy. It's better to save the settings as a template for future jobs. I hope my answer is helpful. Regards, Nap
  4. Screws - Custom.vwx Hi Stephan, I just spent an hour to clean the screws I created before. Also, I used the example file to create a new screw. I have again start from scratch to build my library. At this stage, I have built a few simple boxes to test. It seems working right now. The problem might coming from the sample screw which only has a drilling instead of two. I forgot this small detail that you mentioned a couple of months ago. Thanks again for your follow up, much appreciated. Regards, Nap
  5. Hi Stephan, Thanks for your reply. The drawer actually was Blum Antaro from Interiorcad library, it wasn't a custom made drawer. I did not change anything in the custom part settings. The only thing I concern is the drilling locations are not in the right place. When I changed the dimension of the drawer, the drillings, drawer positions are not changed parametrically, which showed in the early post. Thanks for your time again. Nap
  6. Hi Ride, Thanks a lot for your help. I chose the drawer set from Interiorcad library, it was Blum drawer. Please see the attached picture for what I did. I did not select the back bracket and front connector/gallery rail. I do not worry about the concept drawing, as long as the drilling data is accurate, the production to the cabinets shouldn't be a big issue. The annoying thing is the drillings are messed up when I changed the cabinet size in Interiorcad. At this stage, I do not use Interiorcad for complicated furniture modelling, but only simple MDF kitchen carcass with screw holes and some other connector holes like 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm and 35mm. I was expecting Interirocad can handle this drilling insertion rules very well, as the units are all simple squared boxes. At the moment, the programming time is very substantial as I need to put more efforts to check each cabinet's drilling etc. It doesn't work efficiently on simple jobs. Anyway, I do hope Interirocad will be stable in the near future. Thanks Nap
  7. Hi, Addition to my previous problem, here is another common problem after select cabinet from library. All the drillings are messed. Not sure if the latest update 2021 F4's problem, but i have attached the picture to show my interiorcad version info here.
  8. Hello, Can someone give me some hints on how to save or build drawer properly. I built a standard Blum drawer, and saved to Symbol in Interiorcad (pic 1). Then I reuse the cabinet, and change the size from 600 to 900mm, then the drawer boxes are not stretching (Pic2). I have attached the file here, and it would be very grateful if someone can help. I been using Interirocad for a while but mainly on simple design purpose, and i found it always have small problems in the new Cabinet 3D tool. I wish it can be more stable in the future. Thanks a lot. Nap Drawer test.vwx
  9. Hi Stephan, Thanks a lot for your solution. 😀 I still have the "drag and drop" concept/habit with me when using Ineterirocad, so it takes me sometime to get used to the new way of using Interiorcad. Thanks a lot for your reply again. Regards, Nap
  10. Hello, I need help or advices on how to save a cabinet to library properly. I have done many tastings, but failed to get the expected result. So I come here for help. I created a custom cabinet with drillings, and saved that unit as a symbol named BCxx in the picture 1. And then, I tried to open the BCxx cabinet in the current and a new VMX file, all the drillings are missing. I have to manually apply them back by hand. This means all the saved drillings are missing. It's just a blank box now. It seems Interiorcad lost the connection to library components. Do I have to reinstall Vectorworks and Interirocad? It will be much appreciated if someone can help. Regards, Nap
  11. Hi, Sorry for my question again. I had searched around and watched all interiorcad video tutorial, I still can't find a solution for kitchen corner cabinet design. Can someone give me an indication of how to design a kitchen L shaped corner kitchen unit? Also, I would like to ask can Interiorcad "convert to cabinet" function convert a shape that has more than four sides? It seems the function can't covert the C,D E shapes. Also, when I tried to convert the shape B, it generates a very different cabinet A. Sorry for so many questions. I hope the Ineriorcad expertise can give me some hints. Many thanks. Nap
  12. Hi, I would like to know is there a fast way to change the door style in a job? For example, Customer A wants shaker doors for a kitchen, but he/she changed the mind and opt for flat melamine doors. My questions here: Is there a fast way to change all the doors from one style to another? Instead of editing each cabinet, is there a quick way to change the door style for all cabinets in one or a few clicks? Also, is there any similar principle or function for changing handles? Thanks again and sorry for my questions. Regards, Nap
  13. Hi @Marcel Ostendorf and @Stephan Moenninghoff, Thanks a lot for the information. I checked the sample screw, I think I did remove the 4mm drilling. Now, I apply the new screw in the library, and the problem solved. Thanks again for your help. 😀 Regards, Nap
  14. Hello Marcel, Thanks a lot, this is working. I have tidied up the unnecessary material sets, and it's very tidy in my window now. Thanks a lot. Nap
  15. Hello, I am new to Interiorcad, so can someone show me how to make drilling grid working properly. Currently I am modeling some kitchen units that using screws to joint the units. When I applied the drilling grids and changed the cabinet dimensions, the quantity and the position of the drillings is not changing properly. I have attached the picture for the problem here: 1. First, I applied the connector and drilling grid that supplied Interiorcad (I did not change anything on drilling position), and made a 720h x 560d x 600 sample box, 2. I changed the cabinet size to 900x 800 x600, the drillings then are at wrong place. I tried different drilling grids, it seems the problem is still there. Can someone tell me how to apply the drilling grid properly? Thanks a lot. Nap
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