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  1. Hi Stephan, Thanks a lot for your solution. 😀 I still have the "drag and drop" concept/habit with me when using Ineterirocad, so it takes me sometime to get used to the new way of using Interiorcad. Thanks a lot for your reply again. Regards, Nap
  2. Hello, I need help or advices on how to save a cabinet to library properly. I have done many tastings, but failed to get the expected result. So I come here for help. I created a custom cabinet with drillings, and saved that unit as a symbol named BCxx in the picture 1. And then, I tried to open the BCxx cabinet in the current and a new VMX file, all the drillings are missing. I have to manually apply them back by hand. This means all the saved drillings are missing. It's just a blank box now. It seems Interiorcad lost the connection to library components. Do I have to reinstall Vectorworks and Interirocad? It will be much appreciated if someone can help. Regards, Nap
  3. Hi, Sorry for my question again. I had searched around and watched all interiorcad video tutorial, I still can't find a solution for kitchen corner cabinet design. Can someone give me an indication of how to design a kitchen L shaped corner kitchen unit? Also, I would like to ask can Interiorcad "convert to cabinet" function convert a shape that has more than four sides? It seems the function can't covert the C,D E shapes. Also, when I tried to convert the shape B, it generates a very different cabinet A. Sorry for so many questions. I hope the Ineriorcad expertise can give me some hints. Many thanks. Nap
  4. Hi, I would like to know is there a fast way to change the door style in a job? For example, Customer A wants shaker doors for a kitchen, but he/she changed the mind and opt for flat melamine doors. My questions here: Is there a fast way to change all the doors from one style to another? Instead of editing each cabinet, is there a quick way to change the door style for all cabinets in one or a few clicks? Also, is there any similar principle or function for changing handles? Thanks again and sorry for my questions. Regards, Nap
  5. Hi @Marcel Ostendorf and @Stephan Moenninghoff, Thanks a lot for the information. I checked the sample screw, I think I did remove the 4mm drilling. Now, I apply the new screw in the library, and the problem solved. Thanks again for your help. 😀 Regards, Nap
  6. Hello Marcel, Thanks a lot, this is working. I have tidied up the unnecessary material sets, and it's very tidy in my window now. Thanks a lot. Nap
  7. Hello, I am new to Interiorcad, so can someone show me how to make drilling grid working properly. Currently I am modeling some kitchen units that using screws to joint the units. When I applied the drilling grids and changed the cabinet dimensions, the quantity and the position of the drillings is not changing properly. I have attached the picture for the problem here: 1. First, I applied the connector and drilling grid that supplied Interiorcad (I did not change anything on drilling position), and made a 720h x 560d x 600 sample box, 2. I changed the cabinet size to 900x 800 x600, the drillings then are at wrong place. I tried different drilling grids, it seems the problem is still there. Can someone tell me how to apply the drilling grid properly? Thanks a lot. Nap
  8. Hello, I am new to Interiorcad here. Can someone give me an idea how to delete the unwanted material set here? I have attached a picture to show my question. I accidently created some material sets, and I want to tidy up them to keep the window clean. Thanks a lot. Nap


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