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  1. I think DWorks is showing a PIO ('Versleep' meaning 'Drag') that was developed by the Benelux distributor, DesignExpress. Yep, I have it too :-P
  2. The lost palette may become visible if you'd temporarily change your monitor's resolution, allowing you to drag it to another position.
  3. Gerrit


    Archie is a free font, handwritten style - all caps, available from NNA website : Click
  4. Once selected, a ForEachObject procedure would be a solution - if only one could define the reference point of each individual line?
  5. Here's a few ideas (trying to be chronological) : - in case you're using a custom workspace that you've updated from v11, stop using it. Better rebuild a new v12 one from scratch. - check the number of Undo steps and eventually lower this (mine 's set to 20). - arrange all the palettes to your liking, then Edit Workspace. Make a change just for the sake of it, then save the workspace and have it rebuilt. - now Quit VW in a regular manner, only then it will relaunch with the palette positions from last time. I hope you get things working for you soon.
  6. Sounds like your target layer is in an elevation view. Check the View Menu > Standard Views, and switch to Top/Plan.
  7. Paste in Place ? Or use the OIP popup layer list. Eventually uncheck/check the "Wall Height connected to the layer Z value".
  8. I started using the Autosave only recently. Set to 15 min, and 20 Undo steps. Like others, I add manual saves after accomplishing certain steps - but also prior to executing certain commands that might go wrong (like Compose p.e.). Anyone using the Save as Backup Copy as well ?
  9. DBLand, I'm aware of your problem. Here's a few tips that might help : - while approaching the target point of your selected object, try to do this from above the object itself (so not while hovering your cursor over adjacent objects). - sometimes it helps to first deselect the object you want to move.
  10. I have a named text object inside my titleblock, and a script to update it with the filename and date. I need to launch this script (made it into a menu command), so it's not fully automatic.
  11. Having access to only the Dutch version right now, my syntax may be wrong - in which case I apologize. So, VOLUME may be known as VOL in the US version ?
  12. Both AreaGross and AreaNet will include the surfaces of the sides from walls and openings. Try using the formula VOLUME/WALLTHICKNESS, which will give the quantity I guess you're looking for.
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