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  1. A lot of links (ie. HTML hyperlinks) don't work in the help files. Some do some don't. I assume blue underlined text is a link as it always has been since the dawn of HTML. Do other people experience this? I use Firefox as my browser. Is this the problem? Since a search of the boards reveals nothing I feel very alone with this annoying bug.
  2. Thanks Pat, I have noticed that function but I can't seem to import my own title block symbol that way. My set up is this; The default settings in "Doc Settings>Document set up" are border= none. With this setting I cannot choose a title block. So I choose a typical ISO border (which I don't want) and this lights up the title block option. Now I can see a list of standard title blocks in the Title Block drop down menu. I can see the default/included list and 'Top Level' and beneath that 'Drawing Border Components' My title block is not there even though it is loaded into the resource browser (i.e a separate 'Title Blocks' drawing with various symbols is pointed to.) So I drag my title block symbol into the document from the resource browser. Now its is available in the title block import dialog so I choose it. Q1 This 'Doc Setting' seems to have no effect when I set up new sheets so what is it for? Assuming this isn't the way to do it. Q2. Should I be setting up a 'drawing border component' (as described in the resource browser folder) If so how do I do that? Q3 If I use the drawing border tool to add a border with the intention of using the 'title block only' option this option is greyed out, so all I get is a border. If I right click and attempt to choose a title block nothing happens. It is set to none and can't be changed. (same this if I do it from the RB). The help pages are less than clear on this. I would appreciate if someone could just write the steps to set up the default border to have a custom title block. thanks
  3. Ah.., this is where our methodology is different. I use it as a title block symbol not a drawing border object, I can't double click it and get to the 'Edit Title Block" dialog, rather I get the 'Edit Symbol' dialog. So I use the Object Info Palette/ Data tab to fill in the data. In this place multiline entry definitely does not work. None of this is mentioned in the manual/Help. I have not used the Border tool as we don't have a border on our drawings and shift the title block sometimes to fit the view. As I understand this tool, the Title block is fixed unless you detach from the border via the option in the Object Info palette. That is a solution I suppose. I didn't think it would be this hard to set up multiline but I can get round this by setting up multiple fields in the symbol as well. Thanks for your help. D
  4. Thanks Highpass, I checked out your titleblock and there is no way I can edit the multiline text. For example where you have Sheet Title: " Building 1 "/line break/ 'Overall' I can edit your lines but not make a new break. I tried every combination of return + too (alt, ctrl, apple-option etc and three at the same time). Is this an apple thing I wonder?
  5. Its an odd one isn't it. You can define the 'other leader markers' in Dimension Preferences but it does seem to effect callouts unless you draw on the dimension class. You can use the little attributes palette - via the little arrows at the bottom to instantly change one or many objects- one to switch on, one to choose type- (much easier than your stated method). Or set the class default line type end, but that is not very useful if you want to draw other lines on that class.
  6. VW help says that if you put a "pound sign (#)" after the line when creating a record format then it will be multiline text. Useful but I can't get it to work. First is it supposed to be a hash or a pound sign? In my language (English-English) they are different (and on my keyboard hash is not present but it can be copied from a MSWord document via symbol insert). I have tried both and there seems no way to move the text to a new line when typing data into the title block. Any help appreciated.
  7. Stipples are not well served in VW help, but from this forum I have found out how to find them once I have saved them. Thanks people. But once saving all my stipples they disappeared from the Resourse>Stipple Folder when I closed the file and reopened it the following day. (if I reopen immediately they are still there). (I am in the current file by default in the file structure) I can now choose and re-save them each time I open a file for that session but does anyone else experience this obvious bug?
  8. 1. You can turn off annotations separately to crop outline if you assign all annotations to a class from within the edit annotations window. Then select the VP (which must be on a different class) and turn off your annotation class on the VP OIP.
  9. I had a long exchange with VW techs about this. http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=102564&page=1 I even sent the file to them and they gave up with it. Best to turn off the logical problem solving brain and don't spend hours of time on it like i did, its an illogical problem. Despite what the old hands say I think it is possible to get into a loop that VW can't get out of. I tried everything. Easiest to start again and delete maybe after copying properties across using the eyedropper tool. In future create the VP on a class (call it VP or use None)in the first place. You'll have no problems.
  10. Thanks Monkey. That's the setting I wanted.
  11. I cannot get height text to align to read uphill on a contour line as is normal cartographic practice. Whether I use rotate command or rotated text the text flips the wrong way at certain angles (45degrees). Is there any way to over come this setting?
  12. Exactly I relocated the references fine.It should have nothing to do with the problem as you said. Viewport settings should reside in the file. How can they get lost? This has happened twice now and I have also had a frozen viewport that refuses to have class or layer visibilities changed. Had to start again. Some viewport visility settings can get quite complicated and the only reason to spend time doing it is to save time on updates later. I'll send you the files. D
  13. I finally got round to setting up a big project the way it should be done with a model file (with architect, survey, landscape layers) and drawing set up files with references. Great I can control the colours of lines in the drawing set up file (by overriding) and have a simple way to update drawings as the model progresses. This took quite a while but I was ready to impress my dubious boss. Then we changed the name of a top level folder and wham! every single reference and viewport setting was lost, even after I relocated the reference on file opening. How on earth can this happen? The boss is recommending I follow his cut and paste method and multiple file copy method in future rather than references. He has a point. I want to go home at 5.30 too.
  14. VW does the clever stuff but struggles with the basics. (snapping, cutting, panning). With AutoCAD its the other way round. Its best to keep it simple and not try to do all the things that the manual says you can do particularly if you are more than a couple of years behind the curve in hardware.
  15. Thanks, Split> Trim by line is what I want, except counter intuitively I click the bit I want to keep. Can't have it all I suppose. David
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