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  1. deleted VW2011 installed VW2012 no trojan
  2. Same here. Kaspersky finds Trojan.Win32.Mediyes and deletes the infected plugin dlls on 4 of our PCs with VW2011 Architect on Win7x64 I did a full scan of the hard disks in each PC using an up to date copy of Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 and it only found Trojans in the VW plugin dlls. I deleted VW2011 application folder and reinstalled it from my own installation file and also from the file redownloaded from VSS today. Both times Kaspersky again detected the Trojans in the plug ins. I am now updating the PC with Windows updates (20 updates) and downloading MS Security Essentials to see if that does anything. The 2 machines I am trying to fix are REALLY slow right now. not happy.
  3. This is very much a work in progress project. I was developing it last year, but I've since not had the time to finish it off. We regularily use it for creating new classes in accordance with AEC(uk)/Uniclass (Agent-Element-Presentation-Description-View) but it was intended for more general management of the classes. It works through copying and pasting to and from the excel file and VW Class & Layer Mapping Tool. I set it up to convert between variations of the AEC(uk) format, for easier selection during drawing or just simplified naming. Formats supported: AEC(UK): A-G25:JF1-G-WallBlck-Sec AEC(UK)SIMPLE: A-G25:JF1-G-Blck-Sec DESCRIPTION-AEC(UK)SIMPLE: A-G25:JF1-G-Sec (Blockwork walls) AEC(UK)SIMPLE-DESCRIPTION: Blockwork walls (A-G25:JF1-G-Sec) SA1-CODE/TEXT/AECUK: G_Bldg/2_FabCm-G25_Wall-:JF1_Blck/A-G25:JF1-G-WallBlck-Sec SA2-TEXT/AECUK: BuildElem/FabCm-Wall-Blck/A-G25:JF1-G-WallBlck-Sec SA3-CODE/AECUK: G2-G25-G25:JF1/A-G25:JF1-G-WallBlck-Sec If anyone is interested in developing this or if possible converting it to VectorScript please go ahead. I wish I had more time to get into it, but I'd rather put it out there than let it collect dust here. I have attached 2 versions. One with search enabled (very slow) and one without (not as slow). Any thoughts welcome. rename file from .pdf to .zip
  4. That is a good system, it is right there when you need something. You can do something similar in the Organisation Palette using New and then import from a standard file, but this takes quite a few clicks to get to. I'm interested in how you set these up, so I'll have a look through your sample and try something myself. However, my problem is that I want to make a system using any of the 1000's of UniClass codes, I don't know which codes I'll need as our projects are quite varied. I thought of making a number of standard vectorworks files for each section of the UniClass to be selected from New>import... This would be quite easy to do using my Excel list of codes and pasting into saved text files from "Class Mapping" so no need to type them in one-by-one. I also thought of using "Standard Naming" (Architect ed.) to alternate between not only different standards (eg convert to and from CI/SFB and UniClass) but also from 'clear word based descriptions' to a 'standard code'. All I have to do is line up the equivalent class names in the ClassNameStds Worksheet. eg. A-G251-G-Fwd would be: A-G_Building-G2_FabricComplete-G25_Walls-G251_External-Graphic_Forward ...but I just realised VW only allows 3 menus deep and the name is so long you can't see the end in Object Info. So I might something like this and convert it for exports - the brackets "()" are also in the class name: A/G_Build/1-Site-G11_Clear-(A-G11-G-Fwd) A/G_Build/2_Fabric-G25_Wall-1_Ext(A-G251-G-Fwd) A/G_Build/2_Fabric-G25_Wall-2_Int(A-G252-G-Fwd) A/G_Build/2_Fabric-G25_Wall-2_Int(A-G252-G-Hid) A/G_Build/2_Fabric-G25_Wall-2_Int(A-G252-G-Txt) A/G_Build/3_FabPrt-G32_Open-1_Win(A-G252-G-Fwd) A/G_Build/4_FitFrn-G41_Circ-(A-G41-G-Fwd) A/P_Mat/3_Miner-P34_Bitu-1_Asph(A-P341-G-Fwd) These work arounds are getting off topic though.
  5. wooo-hooo! it works! I put the symbol in the drawing borders object and it works perfectly. I've never used drawing boarders before, I'll be experimenting with that later! Thanks DWorks
  6. Thankyou for helping me with this DWorks. Please find attached my screen grabs of the various stages. Plugin File Location: Plugin Workspace Location: Record fields: Link text to record fields: Plugin Prefs:
  7. So, as per original post. Is it possible with VectorScript to make a plugin application similar to this?: http://www.cadconsultancy.co.uk/news/news13.html ...If so I might start investigating VS in a bit more detail in my spare time.
  8. Sorry I forgot to add that, yes I used DUpdateTitleBlocksPrefs.... between each stage just to make sure. tried it all again from scratch (new file,record symbol etc) tried VW2008 & VW2009 I think it could be my 64bit Vista
  9. True, this would only help with creation and not general use once it is in the file. I find that the list of classes I actually use in a file is much smaller than the total available. With the AEC(UK) system there is an abbreviated description in the class name to help. Unfortunately this is at the end of the class name, which is not practical. I have messed around with the Class & Layer Mapping tool (using saved mapping text files) to convert from a word-based class structure to a code-based class structure. this would have to be executed every time you export the file though, and errors are very likely.
  10. The method you describe is how I currently use VW standards. The included AEC(UK) classes are not complete and to make a new class based on this system you have to type the name manually. This of course can be saved as a standard file for future use, however... Its the creation of classes from word based selection I'm interested in, rather than trawling through a list of 1000's of classes that are abbreviated codes. In this proposed application, you create the class using word based fields, but it actually names the class using standard abbreviated codes for the current document.
  11. I have tried to get this to work, but with no luck. I have VW2008 Architect SP3 on Vista 64bit 1. I have placed the plugins into the correct folder (currently under AppData, also tried under program files) 2. I have created a record called "Title" field name "Date" type:number, default:5/11/08 (also tried no default and type:text) field name "CAD" type:text, default:filename.vwx (also tried no default and type:number) 3. Create Symbol named "TitleBlock" 4. linked text to record 5. Selected the record and fields under the prefs 6. run DUpdateTitleBlocks nothing happens Do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong? thanks for any help, regards JEz PS. I'm now going to try this in VW2009 to see what happens
  12. With Vectorworks, you can only select existing classes from an existing standard file. You choose the file eg AEC_UK.sta then choose the class eg. A-G251-G-WallExtlBlwk The example method linked above, allows you to build a class using the AEC method of Agent/Element/Presentation/Description/View. However you build the class name using real words for each feild, eg: Architect>G Buildings: Walls>External Walls>Graphic>Forward creates the class name: A-G251-G-WallExtl-Fwd I think the linked application (for microstation only) also sets the class attributes.
  13. I saw this: http://www.cadconsultancy.co.uk/news/news13.html I have very little experience of VectorScript, but I wondered if it would be possible or even fairly straight forward to write a menu based class creating plugin for Vectorworks? This seems like a very user friendly method of selecting the appropriate class and adding it to the current documents class list. JEz
  14. wow! thanks Miguel I can't get it to work though I'm using Vectorworks 12.5 on MacOSX - I save your script as a txt file - in VW resourses I make a new vectorscript - I name it - load from the text file - OK - I select the lines - double click the script, but nothing happens I'm sure I'm just loading it wrong. any ideas? Thanks JEz
  15. Gerrit - your suggestion could work. ForEachObject, retrieve line length, add 250mm, update, next any suggestions how to combine this into a script?
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