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  1. Did i miss something? I dont see that command anymore. I do not use it often. Thank you
  2. Right on it Jim! Thanks. It was not in my workspace, so i had to add it via the workspace editor. Thanks a lot! Solved.
  3. I dont see the export 3D Pdf option in the menu. Something i do wrong?
  4. I have to draw a military building. I must say that the thickness of the walls can reach at some point 3 to 4 feet. My problem is that when i insert a door in those wall it always appear in the center of it. Now, i notice that i can also insert the door on the side of the wall. But is there a way to exactly position (by entering a unit) a door regarding the thickness of the wall? Thank you Alain
  5. Am i missing something here? I cannot find a way to fix that. Is it normal? Is there a way to get circular railings? For exemple if the inside diameter is about 20' the railings are ok. But if i put a 70' inside diameter (normal in a commercial building) railings are squared..
  6. Hello there I was using the create layer link command before to combine my cartridge containing text with my 3d views. But now it seems that the command is no longer available. How the ".." can i do the same thing now? When a create a layer view with both layer set to on, i cant see the 2d layer after the rendering. It was simple before. Please help. Alain
  7. JIm you are right about the transition from PowerPC to Intel. That caused problem. This was a rare time that i had problem upgrading in fact. But people were advise long before to be careful and company making software were also involved. By the way, that was a major upgrade that have nothing to do with the others that came after because the entire architecture of the microprocessor was changed. It was 8 years ago.
  8. And i should add that usualy you have to install the OS first to see if everything is ok.
  9. Matt, in your Signature you show a Win 7 machine (?). Also, I think its pretty unreasonable for you to think that VW 2011 (now 4 years old) should (or could) be made to work with OS X Mavericks... 2013-2011= ?? 4 years old? One thing is for sure: We did not went to the same school.... There are lots of reason for people to upgrade the current OS. Each time Apple release a new version they also release a developper version exactly for company like you to test there software on it and make some adjustment. I've been working with apple computer since 1997 and let me tell you one thing: In all those years of OS upgrades i can count on my fingers the software that i had problems with. And i can tell you that i rarely had to buy a new version of it because company publish a fix. Now i believe you when you tell me that you don't want to catch customer with that. BUT THATS HOW I FEEL right now whatever you say! Now, what i see is that i have a major FAIL with Vectorworks on my computer only two years after i bought a 2011 copy. ALL MY OTHERS SOFTWARE (adobe, maxon, etc.. ) are working great but Vectoworks NOT ANYMORE! :mad: So stop excusing yourself at Nemetcheck and start working for a solution for user like me instead.
  10. This is really a ty service from you guys. Your developper team should be able to see that coming and fix it!!! I upgraded and PAID a good amount only 2 YEARS ago!!! For that version and you were not able to see that coming and help your customer with that. You see, i am currently using about 50 software on my machine, some costed me a lot, some a couple of bucks. Some were installed about 8 years ago and ALL my software are working great after that upgrade except? Guess which one? Vectorworks!!! Hey guys! When your customer pay around 600$ for a "basic" upgrade, you could make a little effort to make your program work for at least a couple of years! I am really really angry about that situation and i hate to feel like i've been take in hostage from a company to upgrade a software and pay more! I've been using Vectorworks since the "minicad" version!!! I had always talked good to my partners about it, but now i feel that you really missed that one. And i am considering seriously other options! Ciao Alain Boisclair
  11. I have to draw a polyline from many locus point (around 4500). Is there a way to draw a line between multiple 3d locus automaticly? Are you aware of a script that would do that? Thank you
  12. Before posting here i did try all the dxf export options susceptible to correct this situation. Lets be serious here. Exploding my blocks? Let's figure that i have a simple house it could be "possible". But i have an entire University building to export!!! Can you figure that? Not only exploding my blocks would be a mess, but i would lose all the configuration options for those! Sorry, This is not a solution this is a workaround. I paid about $1000 for a professional software and i expect that the product will deliver what it is intend to do!! Exporting in DWG? If i wanted DWG i would have buy autocad instead sorry. ;-) Any other "real" solution? hehe!
  13. I have try many ways but at each dxf export the symbol are not exported. For example, hole is leave in wall where a door was insert, but no more door! Is there a way to set that? thx
  14. The question is in the title. I the last version of vector work i had the option to hide lines of the overhead door. Now it is not there anymore. Can someone tell me where to set this now? (vw2011) Thx
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