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  1. Can you submit your signature re OS and version? The wall tool is a hybrid object and you do not need to use subtract solids on it. Placing symbols/objects such as doors is done by placing said objects in walls.
  2. Go to Tools>Organisation and just do a screengrab, Apple-Shift-4, gives you a png/pdf of your selection. HTH
  3. Vw 2008 does not import Acad 2009, so you need the Acad file saved to an earlier version
  4. Not as far as I know, I currently have a glimpse of Lake Geneva, AKA Lac Leman
  5. Never noticed the teapot before, must be time for a cuppa!!!
  6. In the Object Info Palette of the Space Object press the "Settings" button, and there you can enter the angle of rotation. Whatever you have rotated your plan by enter this figure as a negative amount to get your text horizontal. HTH
  7. Can you post the file? What happens if you copy the element that causes the problem and paste it into a new file? Does it still crash?
  8. Since you are running 11.5 you will find huge benefits upgrading but I would look at your hardware specs first.
  9. Does this link work for any of you? http://artlantis.com/dl.php?id=2098&id_pf=2&id_pro=44&id_ver=2 HTH
  10. First try updating 10.5.1 Second should you have matched Ram, 5 gig is an unusual quantity Has one of the ram chips failed?
  11. Artlantis Plugins: There are specific VectorWorks plugins which are put into VW workspaces. If you are running 12.5.1/2/3 you can run Artlantis 1.2 With 2008/9 you can run Artlantis 1.2 or 2.0, which is the current edition. What is available for download is 2.0 so you need 2008 to demo with. Your alternative is importing dxf/dwg or 3DS files into Artlantis. HTH
  12. Yes, it automatically updates
  13. Because the DLVP is a 3d object, if you go to the left view and rotate the DLVP 90˚. When you go to plan view, creating the section VP will have the effect of cutting the object at whatever height you require. You are rotating the object that you wish to section, so that you can use the tool!!! HTH
  14. Also it should be noted that if you make changes which impact on the fillets, the fillets will change. That is a great step forward.
  15. Heres a mad solution: Create a Design Layer Viewport of your plan; Go to your DLVP; Rotate the DLVP through the x axis 90˚; Create a section VP; Apply the 45˚ projection. This is not in the manual!!!
  16. Also on the Artlantis site the V2009 export plugin is now available.
  17. What version of Vw 2008 are you running?
  18. Select every symbol that you want at each specific z height and in the Object Info Palette select the z height, thats it. HTH
  19. Go to VW preferences>Session and make sure "Stop VectorScript on warnings" is unchecked
  20. You can go to Nemetschek site, and download the 12.5.3 updater. Get your IT manager to install it for you, it will be essential for you since you are running 12.5.0 have none of the benefits of the updates. When you do the update the server needs to have an internet connection, so your serial number is verified and so you have a smooth install. HTH
  21. I've got CS2 & CS3 with no problems, I am also running several versions of VW. Did you get the pm?
  22. What about wine for software!! I also notice you are using 12.5.0, any reason for not updating to 12.5.3?
  23. One other thought, if you use preview to open your pdf files and save them with a new name and as pdf, sometimes that will clean up the pdf files.
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