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  1. Brand new card and new drivers along with added memory.....all in an effort to achieve the promised better performance of VW2009. Not yet a rewarding investment. Windows XP Pro, VW2009 Designer/Renderworks, SP 1 Dell Precision WorkStation 380,3.2G, 4 GB Mem NVIDIA Quadro FX 370, E2009WFP 20 inch monitor
  2. I've been experiencing identical rendering washout and it is very frustrating. I will be looking for remedy also. _________________ Windows XP Pro, VW2009 Designer/Renderworks, SP 1 Dell Precision WorkStation 380,3.2G, 4 GB Mem NVIDIA Quadro FX 370, E2009WFP 20 inch monitor
  3. XML file error is corrected. Now working fine.
  4. XML file error when trying to perform update on 2009 PC. Anyone else having problems?
  5. It is my impression that, of late(maybe since v. 12.5), Nemetschek seems less interested in bug fixes to its existing versions; instead focusing its efforts on revenue-producing upgrades. Although I have routinely subscribed to each upgrade to date, I am wary that we are now being expected to pop 1/2K a year just to escape the bugs of the current release. Am I mis-remembering here or hasn't Nemetschek stopped fixing its problems? I am very reluctant to endorse this approach by upgrading to 2009 if this is the case.
  6. At this time, in my opinion, SN is a wonderful utility for SKETCHUP....intuitive, responsive, and clean. It is of no use to VW2008 users who have reason to feel somewhat tricked by this tauted improvement.
  7. I have looked in the obvious locations(like objects-imperial or metric)and less obvious sites(object sampler) to no avail. Could someone please tell me where this well documented file is housed? Thanks, much, for the help.
  8. Regarding the assertion that VW 2008 supports SU 6 files, it's true only to a limited extent. Once imported SU 6 files are toxic to the full rendering capabilities of VW 2008 viewports. The presence of SU 6 files disables the sketching of hidden lines in the viewport. ........a drag if you rely on sketch-style rendering.
  9. Since tech support has no clue about this, wondering if anyone here might know how to fix VW2008's habit of reverting default sketch styles to "rough" after a save and close. Part of the problem seems to be that the Sketch Styles folder disappears from the saved file's resource browser after a save. This problem was not in VW12.5. I'm in WN XP Pro environment using a new Dell Workstation.
  10. In case someone else is agonizing over this issue, a bit of clarification: It appears that the culprit in my model is an imported SketchUp entity. Without the SU component(symbol in VW), the viewport renders perfectly; with it, the entire viewport will only render in simple hidden line---no sketching of the HL is enabled. I have tried various remedies such as converting to mesh and then to 3D polys to try to sterilize the model of the SU toxicity but have only had success with the most simple of SU imports.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, but that makes no difference for me. I'm in WN XP Pro environment on Dell Workstation so, perhaps, that's the problem but have never had these problems on previous versions. I can get Hidden line to render fine but all attempts to select sketching of results are ignored when in viewport.
  12. http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthreads/images/icons/default/mad.gif mad Am very frustrated that an apparent bug prevents sketch-style hidden line rendering within viewports in VW2008. Currently, we are stuck with no-sketch options(of hidden line) within both foreground and background layers of a viewport image. Am told by tech support that fix may be a month off!
  13. It seems I have seen this thread before but have been unable to find it. Sorry if redundant. Using VW2008 under WnXP on Dell Workstation, re-opening files causes Sketch preference to revert to "rough" style, loosing both my sketch choice and its edited form. Any fix?
  14. You nailed it! I unchecked this pref(it was checked by default)and plots are now complete. Thanks much. .......and what is that pref(GDI+)?
  15. With that option checked as you recommend, there is no change in erratic plotting behavior. Again, within gray'd printing area, nothing prints if in the right-most 20% of page(the print file processes, spools, and then self-deletes). Only when objects are beyond this range does the print file become registered with the plotter and then what prints is a cropped image, ommiting the right side of sheet. So far, only workable option is to export file as PDF, then print from Acrobat. Help!
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