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  1. spaghetto

    Slab style and roof style resource id's?

    Roof Styles = 102 Slab Styles = 107
  2. spaghetto

    How to assign a texture to a 3D object (Solved)

    Dave your right: 3 is overall, but don't know why it also did work with the 0 as texturePart... Did a quick backwards test with an extrude and it seems that 3 is overall, 0 are the sides, 4 is the Top and 5 is the Bottom of an extrude.
  3. spaghetto

    How to assign a texture to a 3D object (Solved)

    To assign a texture to the 3D object use the vs.SetTextureRefN(obj, textureRef, texPartID, texLayerID), so your script would look like: vs.BeginPoly3D() vs.Add3DPt((-5, 0, -5)) vs.Add3DPt(( 5, 0, -5)) vs.Add3DPt(( 5, 0, 5)) vs.Add3DPt((-5, 0, 5)) vs.Add3DPt((-5, 0, -5)) vs.EndPoly3D() image = vs.LNewObj() textureRef = vs.Name2Index("Test texture") texPartID = 0 texLayerID = 0 vs.SetTextureRefN(image, textureRef, texPartID, texLayerID) In the above the texPartID is the primary and the texLayerID is about the base object (0) or decals(1 and further).
  4. The position of a new layer can be set by using the vs.HMoveBackward(h, toBack) see also the post on Layer Stacking Order:
  5. spaghetto

    Persistent highlight of object during dialog

    Thanks! During the dialog I'm using the Redraw() to regen the objects and it works!
  6. Is it possible to have a persistant higlight of objects like with the Subtract Solids command dialog, whereas one can traverse through the selected objects during the dialog?
  7. spaghetto

    Persistent highlight of object during dialog

    Thanks! What I'm after is from a PIO, using a button to show a dialog like the Subtract solid, to 'highlight' which part of the object will be edited. I already thought about a temporary object, but it only got created after the dialog closed... perhaps you know a way to create a temporary rectangle within the Begin and Endcontext()? A second option would be to use a SymbolDisplayControl within the dialog, but somehow that seems like an overkill... Any Ideas for the first option are welcome!


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