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  1. Hello, I have 2021 Spotlight with Braceworks let me know...
  2. OK Forget it. I GOT it!! The problem comes with the value of Lasten---> you need to correct with : vs.Num2Str(decPlace, v) ----> vs.Num2Str(0, Lasten2)
  3. In other Topic you got me on the way to read the value of the databank of a symbol. Now the problem is exactly the contrary. I want to create a new symbol with 200 written in the textfield, but comes 60! Lasten = 200Kg the databank is named: "LOADS_DB" The field of the databank is named: "Lasten" but somehow that leaves another totally different number in the field Lasten---> 60 I feel the problem is in the last line of code. Any help? vs.SetRField(SYMBOLO2,'LOADS_DB','Lasten', vs.Num2StrF(Lasten2))
  4. At the end I GOT IT!!!! Took me a little, but after this a whole world of possibilities has opened to me! import vs #Vistor Garzon 2020 based on the work of # ©MaKro - June 2018 ;-) H1 = vs.FSActLayer() H2 = vs.ActSymDef(H1) recname = vs.GetName(H2) # Name of PIO in InfoPalette Rec_Name = vs.GetObject(recname) fld = vs.GetRField(H1,'loads-roof','Deckenlast') ##### vs.GetRField(h,'DatabankName','FieldName') vs.AlrtDialog(fld)
  5. the best software i know is Arcgis. Take a look here, the Database and reference of the TIFF files was made with QGIS, and the video edited and entirely made with ArcGIS. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCARALX_xnppFaMKUYaKY9sA/videos Maybe Vectorworks Landmarkt would help you?
  6. You got a message! by the way, my email is avictorgm@gmail.com i am always reachable here.
  7. Hi, My Name: Victor My Skills: Python, Excel Makros, BIM expert... My experience: Besides, GIS and Statik Engineering--> 4 years Event engineering using spotlight Examples of my Scripts: 1) A script that substitute one specific symbol for a custom group of simbols depending of the position. 2) Another that check every layer looking for an specific symbol name to check how many exist in layers with specific names. On that way you avoid to add hundred exceptions to the Material List. 3) Another that creates several layout layers around the exact coordinates of an area. Each one with different selection of classes and layers. So, for example: the first has only the forest layers on, with classes of animals off. the second one can be the layers with the word "water" in the name. 4) Layer Creator, I mean, with one click you can create several layers with specific extension names based on the first given name/code. 5) Automatic measuring of simbols. very usefull if you have 50 simbols inside an area and have no time to loose clicking, and clicking, and clicking...
  8. That is pretty cool!! @MullinRJ So, whatever I do with the script, there´s no difference in the settings. This kind of details make the difference. Thank you
  9. Hello, No way to rename objects (rectangle or polygons) with: Even with 3D polygons the problem is the same. But If the element is a sphere it works. Why? vs.SetName() import vs ObjectName = vs.GetName(vs.FSActLayer()) vs.AlrtDialog(str(ObjectName)) SName = 'Fred' points = [0,0,-0.5,1,0.5,1.5,2,1,1,-0.5,0,0] h1 = vs.Poly(*points) vs.SetName(h1, SName) import vs X1 = 100 Y1 = 150 X2 = 0 Y2 = 500 NombreStand = 'Nombre' SName = vs.Concat(NombreStand) h = vs.Poly(0,0,X1,Y1,X2,Y2,0,0) h1 = vs.SetPolyClosed(h, 1) h2 = vs.MakePolygon(h1) vs.DSelectAll() vs.SetName(h2, SName) This one works perfect! import vs ObjectName = vs.GetName(vs.FSActLayer()) vs.AlrtDialog(str(ObjectName)) SName = 'Fred' h1 = vs.CreateSphere(0, 0, 0, 1000) vs.SetName(h1, SName) I am wondering if the problem is that are 2D elements, (that has no sense at all)
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