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  1. Dave your right: 3 is overall, but don't know why it also did work with the 0 as texturePart... Did a quick backwards test with an extrude and it seems that 3 is overall, 0 are the sides, 4 is the Top and 5 is the Bottom of an extrude.
  2. To assign a texture to the 3D object use the vs.SetTextureRefN(obj, textureRef, texPartID, texLayerID), so your script would look like: vs.BeginPoly3D() vs.Add3DPt((-5, 0, -5)) vs.Add3DPt(( 5, 0, -5)) vs.Add3DPt(( 5, 0, 5)) vs.Add3DPt((-5, 0, 5)) vs.Add3DPt((-5, 0, -5)) vs.EndPoly3D() image = vs.LNewObj() textureRef = vs.Name2Index("Test texture") texPartID = 0 texLayerID = 0 vs.SetTextureRefN(image, textureRef, texPartID, texLayerID) In the above the texPartID is the primary and the texLayerID is about the base object (0) or decals(1 and further).
  3. The position of a new layer can be set by using the vs.HMoveBackward(h, toBack) see also the post on Layer Stacking Order:
  4. Thanks! During the dialog I'm using the Redraw() to regen the objects and it works!
  5. Thanks! What I'm after is from a PIO, using a button to show a dialog like the Subtract solid, to 'highlight' which part of the object will be edited. I already thought about a temporary object, but it only got created after the dialog closed... perhaps you know a way to create a temporary rectangle within the Begin and Endcontext()? A second option would be to use a SymbolDisplayControl within the dialog, but somehow that seems like an overkill... Any Ideas for the first option are welcome!
  6. Is it possible to have a persistant higlight of objects like with the Subtract Solids command dialog, whereas one can traverse through the selected objects during the dialog?


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