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  1. Hi My default settings were in meters. I have just recreated the issue as follows. Start PC. Start VWL 11.5.1. Fresh clean file. File/Setupo/Document setup : Layer scale at 1:50, all layers. Confirm units as meters. Using 3d loci, create lop sided pyramid on design layer 1. Points (X,Y,Z meters) in order of creation at (-4.35, 4.95, 1.00), (2.15, 4.95, 1.00), (2.15, -1.65, 0.50), (-4.35, -1.65, 0.50) and (-.95, 1.70, 5.00). Ran AEC/Site model/Create new site model: Layer Mod-Site-Civil. In properties, I kept defaults (minor contour interval was 0.03) and selected show flow arrows under 2d display setting. DTM was created, minor contour intervals were too small. Reran AEC/Site model/Create new site model: Kept original values except under properties I selected minor contour value as 0.5. A miscellaneous error has occurred (20,2). I was able to partially recover by deleting both the DTM and the DTM symbol and the Mod-Site-Civil layer and rerun the DTM. I was able to change the min area. However, subsequently, the DTM had failed and even deleting the DTM, symbols and layer results in Miscellaneous error (20,1). In the process, Mod-Site-Civil gets created but no DTM. Filter or check 3d polygons also gives error 20,1. Basically, the model is trashed and cannot be recovered by the means found in searching the posts or those suggested above. Maybe someone could spend 5 minutes and see if the problem can be recreated. Thanks Ian
  2. Sorry, that was an oversight on my part. I normally work in mm but I did not specify anything when I did the test above so whatever the default is after running only document setup - inches probably. I can recheck for sure when I next turn on the machine. My biggest concern is that once the error occurs, my model is trashed so I need to know how to recover. I save a backup version everytime a run a DTM. I have tried deleting the DTM but that does not work. Its almost if that once the error occurs, the file is trashed and the whole session is also affected until you stop/start VWL. Maybe some global variables get upset and are not reset until VWL restarts. Thanks Ian
  3. I have tried to play around with DTM and I am getting Miscelleanous errors (20,1) and (20,2) depending on what I do. I have reproduced it with the most basic of setups. Started VWL 11.5.1, new file. Ran document setup at 1:50. On design layer-1 I created 5 3-d loci points, 4 on rough square, 5th in center. Z values were 0 for bottom 2, 1.0 for top 2, 5 for center. ie a lop sided pyramid. Ran AEC/Site model using defaults excpet I did choose show flow arrows and show labels in properties. The minor contour value was something like 0.03 - pretty useless but I stuck with it. Created DTM on Mod-site-civi. Got lots of contour lines due to minor contour value. Tried to rerun DTM using different values for minor contour. Everything that I try with DTM will give either a Miscelleanous errors 20,1 or 20,2. ie filter or check 3d polygons etc etc. Basically, my file is useless as far as DTM is concerned. Ok, so its only a test file, but if this was a real file with lots of time and effort, all that effort will have been lost. I was going to be playing around with pads and fences, but I have falled at the first hurdle. No satisfactory responses to the 5 posts that I found in the forum: http://techboard.nemetschek.net/cgi/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=12;t=004104 http://techboard.nemetschek.net/cgi/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=16;t=001654 http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubb/ultimatebb.php?ubb=get_topic;f=4;t=000313 http://techboard.nemetschek.net/cgi/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=4;t=000253 http://techboard.nemetschek.net/cgi/ubb/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=4;t=000231 The meaning of these miscellaneous errors seem to be top secret and all of the work arounds that people have suggest have simply resulted in the same old miscellaneous errors. Its not as if a 5 object model is particularly complex. Any further suggestions please? Thanks Ian [ 12-17-2005, 10:26 AM: Message edited by: IanH ]
  4. In my brief look at the new features, nothing mentioned about multiprocessor or native 64 bit support. Is this still the case? The only place that I seem to benefit from multiprocessor support is during parts of final quality renderworks when I can see all processors being well utilised. Also, what are the hardware requirements over and above those of 11.5?
  5. I am runnng Win2000 SP4 and whilst I have not seen any specific slowing down, I have had slowness when opening some menu's. I jumped straight to 11.5 so have no concept of the speed of earlier versions. My slowing down appears to be directly relating to my Antivirus software - Mcafee. For some unknown reason, it can suddenly bring the machine to a standstill whilst it goes through the whole font library virus scanning each font file. This is easily visable for me my opening my Mcafee system scan status. Possibly a red herring but it may help.
  6. Hi Jonathan I am running Landscape student edition standalone. In the "AEC/Select wall style" dialogue box, the options for Add, Remove and Duplicate are greyed out. Yes, it does appear to be behaving weird, but then I am not very experienced with this package so I do not know what is nowmal or what is not! Thanks for your help
  7. Thanks for your assistance but it is not behaving like you explain. 1. It keeps reverting to the same wall type - even if setting it immediately prior to the Object from polyline with "AEC/Select wall type" 2. None of the wall types are what I want to use. I am unable to create one from scratch but have now managed to redefine one for my purposes, but this trashes the original. ?
  8. I am trying to create a few walls using object from polyline. I am converting a previously created 3d polygon into a standard 2d polyline using "tool/convert to polygons". I then create a wall using this polygon that defined one of the sides of the wall using "aec/object from polyline" and setting the object type to wall and the offset as left or right as applicable. Apart from delete source poly, no other options are available to me in this dialog. However, when the wall is created, the wall does not appear as a simple wall now to my required width. Now I think that the default properties being used are coming from the "AEC/seclect wall type", but there is no default style or is there anyway that I can create one - presumably I need architect? Second, it now appears impossible for me to draw a simple wall even if I wanted to, even using the standard create tool except by going into wall preferces for the custom control line mode wall type. And the moment I try and create another polyline, I get unwanted cavities, line widths, offsets etc. How do I convert an existing line into a simple wall 0.15m wide with no cavities. I am using VW11.5 landscape on PC Thanks -Ian [ 06-29-2005, 08:42 AM: Message edited by: IanH ]
  9. Using VW11.5 on Windows 2000. My machine, whilst old, is optimised for OpenGL and I doubt that it is not 100% OpenGL compliant since the machine is made by SGI who designed OpenGL. I am surprised how VW is reluctant to use OpenGL rendering. I have a DTM which is made up of about 300 3D loci. When trying to rotate the mesh, it constantly falls back to 'box mode'. IMO, it is quite a simple thing to achieve. When I export the model as an Autocad file and import into Discreet 3ds max V4, even full screen, it renders smoothly and responsively in full OpenGL mode with plenty of horsepower to spare. As a further example, the Apollo.MAX file in 3ds can be rotated in OpenGL rendered smooth + highlights at a few frames per second - this model has 83647 verticies and 162465 faces. My VW model would have a fraction of that detail. In VW, I have set OpenGL render settings as detail low and use textures/NURBS unchecked. Vector work 3D options as 3D rotation responsive. Retain rendering model Always. I am not aware of any other options. The demo valvearm.mcd file renders as I would expect responsively in realtime. Are there any other options that I should be setting? Maybe there is an option to force OpenGL rendering no matter how unresponsive it is - this is what I thought the retain rendering model option did but it has no effect even when set as always. This is a real pain as I am unable to position myself in the landscape to perform analysis of views. Thanks Ian
  10. Thanks - I think I will find custom select useful in the future. And all my labels are now correct. I've split the topo class to give them their own subclass so it will be easier if it happens again.
  11. I have about 300 3D locus that a few days ago I used to build my DTM. All the loci are in the Mod-Site-Civil layer. I input all the spot heights in the Z plane. The DTM built fine and the Locus showed the correct elevation on the plan - Label Reference-Elevation. I have now returned to the layer having been working in a different layer and all the labels with elevation heights are now showing 0.00. The Z heights are all still correct. If I select one of the locus points and change scale factor from 1 to 1 - ie force an update, the label then shows correctly. 1. What am I doing wrong or is this a bug? 2. How can I correct the label error without selecting all the Loci and performing a refresh? There are other, non locus objects in the same class so I cannot select all. Thanks Ian
  12. Thanks, I will try and take that all in! I spent the day building all my walls to a generic base so it will be nice to get the roofs on even if it is just for show. -Ian
  13. quote: Originally posted by iboymatt: 3.(add steps here- like clean up the mess of classes that seem to come with every ACAD file) Can you do this only for a particular layer, ie the one that I imported autocad file into? Purge unused objects seeps to do it for all layers. Is there also a way in object info of having only the classes used in the current layer appear under the class dropdown? -Ian
  14. I am a garden design student new to VW 11.5 landmark - its a steep learning curve and I have nothing but the atrocious online documentation that makes very broad assumptions that you actually know what you are doing by telling you to do something but doesn't explain why. So I apologise upfront if this is a really stupid problem. My problem is my roof does not sit on top of the walls of my building. I created a fresh document and set up the standard layers etc. Since reference planes for the ground level of the property on the site is at 20m, I set the model setup starting at 19.9m for mod-foundation. So my layers for mod-foundation/floor-1/floor-2/roof are at 19.9/20.0/22.7 and 25.4m. This was probably a mistake on my part but without any other guideance, that is what I did. I have imported a site survey in autocad format and built a DTM from it. For some reason I put the DTM on mod-foundation. Again, for whatever reason, this seemed like the best thing at the time and was probable a mistake. I am now trying to add some of the site buildings. The massing tool did not allow me to have something as basic as gabled ends whilst insisting on intricies such as overhang so I have ended up using the standard wall function and putting a roof on top. I have set mod-site-arch to have Z at 20m to match mod-floor-1. I used the wall tool to creates the walls of one of the outhouses. I set the wall Z to its ground level, 21.49m as it is 1.49m above the reference plane. I am using the mod-site-arch layer instead of mod-floor-1 etc as the online help implies that this is where it should go but doesn't explain why it greated mod-floor-1 etc for me in the first place. When I add a roof on top of the walls and view in 3d, the roof is under the walls, at the wall height but offset from 0m rather than 21.49m. If I set the wall Z value to 0.0, the roof sits correctly ontop of the walls but the walls to not match the DTM. Is there any easy way of bringing everything into line without starting again. Also, in the online help, it mentions the Model > Architectural > Floor function. The online help does not mention that this is product specific but I do not have that option in Landmark. Finally... if anyone can point me to some documentation explaining the layer and class names conventions that would be relevant to a UK landscape gardener and what should actually go on these, it would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Ian [ 06-08-2005, 08:18 AM: Message edited by: IanH ]
  15. Thanks for your help. I had tried what you suggested but to no avail. However, it got me experimenting further and for some reason (possibly intentional by design) the fill properties for the DTM classes were not set so it was not rendering as it had nothing to fill. -Ian
  16. I have created a DTM model using existing filters contour polygons and 9 stake objects at the survey points. It is quite basic. The model ended up in the Mod-foundation layer. However when I render this it is not being shaded. I have spent most of the morning trying different combinations. All I get is are the poly lines - rendering shaded polygon no lines gives me nothing! It doesn't matter whether I use OpenGL or renderworks. I am at the point of dispair and have trawled through help and searched the forums. I am sure that it is something basic that I am not doing, but I cannot fathom what. Suggestions please Thanks Ian
  17. I just want to confirm, VW11.5 cannot output .plt (HP-GL/2) files am I correct. My printshop prefer this format (but can also do Acrobat/pdf) so I guess I should look for an alternative - the VW viewer would be best should it not or is it tricky for a non VW user (ie print shop worker) to use? Other suggestions welcome. -Ian
  18. Just stumbled across a post about printing to a file. Seems to be what I needed. So much information, so little time to read it all. Information overload... -Ian
  19. Are you using print spooling? If so, it may be worth creating a copy of your printer but with the spooling option off - it is under the ports tab. It is possible that for larger print requirements you are running out of memory to hold the spooled data and the print just gives up. You could temporarily turn off print spooling on your current printer to test this theory this out first. Having spooling turned off means that the print command does not return control back to you until it has physically finished printing the whole document, which is often not ideal, but for me, it got me printing large A3 jobs on my HP deskjet 9670. -Ian
  20. Hi I am a garden design student using vectorworks for the first time. I am surprised by lack of documentation (I have student edition Win 11.5) so am struggling a little and would like to check that I am on the right track. I previously used Microstation for 2d drafting. I have a site survey in autocad format. It imports fine. It has contour data at 0.5m intervals and many many spot heights. Would I be right in saying that my best approach is to put 3d loci at each spot height and ignore the contour lines as these are disjointed where the text has overwritten the line? Is it then best to delete the height data? At a recent seminar that I attended - and made my choice to purchase VW, I believe that a tool was mentioned that would import the autocad survey and read the spot height boxes. Does anyone know anything about this. Finally, are there any good reference books for VW11. I got no manuals (presumably since it is the student edition?) and the online help is temperemental - I am using Firefox browser and the online help appears to crash it. There is nothing like a book in your hand to get up to speed. A search on Amazon only showed books for < VW 10. Many thanks for your help. Please be patient with me over the next few weeks - I am sure that this will be my first of many posts. In a previous life I was a software developer. Once I am up to speed, hopefully I will beable to give back to this community. Ian
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