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  1. Actually, I am in 12.
  2. I have decided for the time being to limit my use of Plant Catalogue. Seems like such a waste, but I am bringing my symbols in a design as I use them, when I start a design I open the previous and delete the contents but not the symbols. Each design adds more symbols and I don't have to wait for Plant Cat.
  3. I get the feeling that they havn't thought this program out too well.
  4. I placed custom symbols in the 2d default library so I can access them through the Place Plant Tool. Some of these work fine, others do not. When in the Define Plant box some of the symbols are labeled 'Not valid'. Once I get past the first 'Not valid symbol' the mix up begins. I'll choose the symbol but the identifier above the symbol reads a different plant, and that plant is placed in the drawing.
  5. When in the 'SET DEFAULT PLANT TOOL OPTIONS', if I select a plant by scrolling through the symbols in the box above 'edit plant', a different symbol is placed than the one I chose.??
  6. I have custom symbols imported into a favorite file and into the 2d symbols file. When I bring the symbol through the define Plant dialogue the existing pen charistics of the symbol are not recognized. (If my symbol has more than one color used for the lines it replaces all with one color.)??? If I place the symbol through the favorite file it comes in fine (unchanged), but without plant data. What do I need to do to to customize my symbols?
  7. 1) I opened a new document, imported a few symbols and then placed them with the Plant Tool. They came in fine, with their Plant Record. I then chose to edit the symbol through Object Info. This worked. Then I imported the remainder of my symbols, tried to edit again and the appication error resulted. Reloaded, opened a new doc, tried to place a symbol, application error resulted. 1.5 & 2)My symbols that are in my drawings appear in the Plant Tool but when I accesss the Place Plant Tool the symbol I select is not always the one that gets placed in the drawing. It does, however, come in with a plant record. Access speed is also an issue.
  8. Two issues - Every time I use the Edit Plant in the Object Info pallette I get an application error that shuts down the program??\ And 2 - I have resorted to establishing all my plants in a file and bringing that file in as my start-up file per each design. I then delete the previous design. I find using the Plant Catalogue to be cumbersome and annoying. I used a program 12 years ago that allowed me to keep a custom catalogue, add symbols, create and modify symbols. Symbol retrieval was instant. Am I really off the page on this??
  9. Problem is solved through editeding the report, thanks David.
  10. I am told I cannot create a report specific to a particular layer. this appears as a major flaw to me. If my customer request the cost or material list of one phase of the project I am unable to do that through the program. Is there another way?
  11. dennisp


    I would like to create a report for a specific layer only. The CREATE REPORT file under TOOLS does not show any optons to do this. Can someone help? Correction - I have been told how to edit my reports. Thanks [ 01-26-2006, 11:51 AM: Message edited by: den ]
  12. The current file is not sending all the info to the printer. A previous file is fine, and it sends the info over in regular increments (eg. 10%, 22%, 33%, etc). The current file gets to 22% and thats all, the design prints only that portion of the info. ???? I have printed about 40 designs, this has happened to about 3. In the past I was able to change paper size and print the design out in segments. My plotter is an HP designjet 100.
  13. All of a sudden my designs are not printing correctly. Only a portion of the design is printing. I went to Page - Set Area, it appears to be correct. Any place else to go to set print area, or to preview what will print?
  14. I'm in a new design, the handles on the tags are back. A temporary win?? Still having troubles with symbol carry-over. I lost a symbol I created three designs ago after it successfully imported with the symbol folder to two other designs. Also, I tried to edit the size of the tags in the data folder. I took the tag to the "Edit Symbol" screen where it did change size, but the change didn't carry over.


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