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  1. I want to leave the door as a PIO because while we are designing, we might want to edit some properties of a door (or a window) such as its dimensions. I've discovered through further experimentation that if you check the box marked "On Record" in the "Data Settings" area of the object info panel, then it won't erase the record every time you change something in the panel. So far that seems like an acceptable fix to me, so long as someone remembers to check that box before attaching the record.
  2. I'm having some weird problems with setting up worksheets based on door symbols in a floorplan. While playing around with this I stumbled across what could be bugs? I was wondering if this could be verified by anyone else, or addressed by the VW team. When I attach a Door Record (either created automatically from the VA Create Record tool, or manually by me) to a door symbol, the record is deleted (without warning!!) if I click on any of the checkboxes in the Object Info Panel (ie. "General Settings", "Stile/Rail Settings" and so on). This is unacceptable behavior! That means, even if we were careful about attaching the Door Record to every door symbol in the plan, someone who edits it later could just easily remove the record without even noticing it. Since we use the record data to generate the Door Schedule, it is imperative that that information stay intact... but unfortunately, the door symbol's behavior does not allow it to happen. There are two workarounds which I've found. The first is to create a Door ID tag symbol (my own, *not* the VA's ID Label Tool) and then link the record to that symbol. The end result is the same on the worksheet, of course, so there's no problem there. The built-in ID Label tool also works (although not as well as I'd like) but here's where the behavior becomes even stranger. Let's say I use the ID Label tool to link to the door. Then, I delete the ID Label. For some reason, if I go ahead and edit the OIP for the Door at that point, it no longer destroys the record! Did the ID Label somehow "Fix" the door? Can anyone explain? One other question is this. Suppose I change the size of the door. Can I get this change to reflect instantly on the Door Record? Thanks! [ 04-08-2005, 07:31 PM: Message edited by: psychofish ]
  3. Macs and PCs are different enough that I don't think most of those suggestions would work... 1) The best equivalent to hard drive optimization I can think of in Windows is defragmentation, but it has nothing to do with permissions... at the very best it should improve disk access speed by a small amount, and I don't think it has anything to do with the slowness of specific commands here. 2) Does anyone know where this "preference file" (if it exists) is on a PC? 3) I have uninstalled VW and did a fresh upgrade. No improvement. It appears to me that this is a problem that's in the program itself? For some reason, the commands just execute slowly-- it happens all the time, even after a fresh install or a fresh reboot. Not quite willing to go so far as to wipe the system clean and start over, but I have a feeling that won't fix the problem either. My guess is that someone over at the programming department got a little sloppy and left some un-optimized code in this release...
  4. Hi all, I know there's been a lot of posts lately on VectorWorks 11.5 being really slow (a lot slower compared to 11.5) but I want to be a little more specific here about what kind of slowness I'm experiencing. I don't know if it's similar to the Quicktime or upgrade issues that were already talked about. This is for the Windows version. So in VectorWorks 11 I had no speed problems at all. But after the upgrade to 11.5, I found that my menu (of all things!) and ctrl-based commands were very, very slow to respond. For instance I might click on the File menu and I can count to two or three seconds before something appears. Or I might hit Ctrl-G for "Group" or even something as simple as a cut and paste operation, and yep, there's that wait again before something happens. I wrote a vectorscript that allowed me to bind "Zoom Line Thickness" to a Ctrl-button. Also slow now, although it worked instantaneously in 11. But everything else runs very quickly. Zooming, panning, drawing, anything that I can rely on via a shortcut key (which don't utilize the ctrl button) or by clicking on the toolbar, functions just as quickly as it did in VW11. So the problem isn't that VW11.5 is slower overall--but for certain portions of it, it is. And I don't understand why, because it's not like these were upgraded in 11.5 (right?). Does anyone else experience this? Is there anything I can do? When I have to wait between commands it severely affects my drafting rhythm...


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